The RCA and “The Formula of Agreement”

As a member of the RCA, I read with much interest your editorial, “The Sacraments are Still an Issue” (Standard Bearer, Oct. 1, 1997).

Over the last years, the Lord has steadily drawn me to what I am convinced are more biblical viewpoints on several issues than what my home denomination professes. Consequently, the recent approval of the “Formula” distresses me greatly … to the point that I can no longer be “at home” in the RCA.

You are right, the “resisters'” emphasis has been the UCC stand on the homosexual issue and, as a result, there has been only marginal discussion on the Lutheran view of the Lord’s Supper. Your critique is welcome news for me.

Those in the RCA favoring the “Formula” would probably react to your assertion that “By this decision, the RCA made itself and every member of it fully responsible for the unbelief and ungodliness of the other denominations….” They would argue that you do not comprehend the definition of “full communion.” They would be distracted by that and miss the point of the “accursed(ness) in every union where there is no regard to God and to His Word” … even trying to clarify that this is not a union! This is my only caution when you write on this issue.

Thank you again, for your editorial.

John Moerman

Chatham, Ontario Canada