Beloved Brothers and Sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ;

Greetings from Seminary Hill! We thought that perhaps you would like to hear from us at the beginning of the school year.

Our new term began on the seventh of September; and, as has become our custom in recent years, we had a public convocation program at our Southwest Church. This year it was Prof. Decker’s turn to deliver the message, and he spoke on “Buy The Truth.” A transcript of this message will appear in the same issue as that in which this letter appears, so that all of you may benefit from it. For us as Faculty convocation is a happy occasion, for it always seems good to see our students again and to get back into the harness after the summer period.

Our student body this year is slightly smaller than last year. Graduation plus the fact that some of our pre-seminarians did not return this fall has resulted in the fact that the student body totals fifteen. Eight of these students are in the seminary department, and many of you in the Michigan area have become acquainted with them through their speaking “a word of edification” in the churches. The Seniors Class is comprised of Wilbur Bruinsma, Michael DeVries, and Richard Flikkema. The Middlers Class is Ronald Cammenga, Carl Haak, Ronald Hanko, Steven Houck, and David Zandstra. There is no Juniors Class this year. In the pre-seminary department we have seven students at various stages of their preparatory work. New to our school are Barry Gritters a son of our Redlands, California congregation, and Jon Smith, of Birmington, Alabama, who transferred to our school from Reformed Theological Seminary, of Jackson, Mississippi. Jon is on a combined program of pre-seminary and seminary work, due to the fact that our pre-seminary requirements are a bit different than at other schools.

Our Faculty is also different this year. Not only is Prof. Decker back with us, after his extended absence of last year, and carrying his full load. But we also have a new face in our teaching staff. Rev. C. Hanko was appointed to assist the Faculty and to give some relief from our rather heavy course loads by teaching two Dutch courses in the pre-sem department. We are happy to have him with us, and thankful for the help he is providing.

And so we have begun what we hope and pray will be another fruitful year.

It is always a source of encouragement to us to note how freely and generously our school is remembered in the special gifts department. Just during this past month, for example, we have received a total of $750.00 in three gifts two of which came from friends who are not of our Protestant Reformed constituency. This is gratifying. Part of this money goes into our Library Fund, to aid in building up our constantly growing library. Part of it is put to good use in obtaining various special items for the school, such as the new copy machine which we obtained last year.

Our space is used up, so we must say farewell. Remember us in your prayers.

With love in the Lord Jesus Christ,

The Faculty