Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

It has been some time since we have written to you; and with a new semester of school begun, we have a good opportunity to bring you up to date on the news at Seminary.

You will probably be interested to hear that all the work is finished at the Seminary Building. Doors have been installed on the classrooms. Outside, the landscaping is done and the attractiveness of the premises is enhanced by a beautiful lawn and various shrubs and flowering trees. The lawn is watered by an underground sprinkling system. A new sign of brick and silver lettering has been set up by the road. With the changing of the leaves from summer green to autumn’s blaze of color, it is truly beautiful on “Seminary Hill.”

Our new semester began with public convocation in Southwest Church. The auditorium was full; Mr. Arnie Dykstra, sang several appropriate songs; and Prof. Decker delivered a stirring speech which is reprinted in this issue of the Standard Bearer. We are off to what should prove to be an exciting year. We have the largest full-time student body which we have had in all the school’s history, with the possible exception of the very first year of two of the Seminary’s existence. The breakdown in the student body goes like this. There are, in the pre-seminary department, two students in the freshman class, one in the sophomore class, five in the junior class, and four seniors. There are four students in the Seminary, all in their first year. Of the total of sixteen, four students are from outside our denomination.

Already last semester we began something new in Seminary. Every Wednesday morning between second and third periods, the whole Seminary comes together in the Assembly Room for chapel. The faculty members take turns leading chapel exercises.

Now that we have much more room, we are giving special attention to the expansion of our Library. Those of you who have been in the building have seen how inadequate our library is. A great deal of work has been done to put the library on the Dewey Decimal System. This work is just about completed. We are now concentrating our attention on expanding the library to make it the help it ought to be for students and faculty. But books are expensive; and so if any our readers would like to help, donations of either money and worthwhile theological books are much appreciated.

We hope to write you again soon. Brethren, pray for us, as we do for you.

With Christian greetings, 

The Faculty