Letter from the Seminary

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord:

It is time we write you concerning the affairs of the Seminary. By the time you read this, we will be well into our second semester. One wonders where the time goes!

There is a total of 10 students enrolled in our Pre-seminary Department: 1 freshman, 5 juniors, and 4 seniors who look forward to graduation in May. . These students are busy with such courses as Latin, Greek, Psychology, History, Philosophy, Speech, and Dutch. In this connection, we urge prospective pre-seminary students to contact the faculty before planning or beginning their college programs. This is important if students are to include the required subjects for seminary entrance and are to avoid scheduling problems in our pre-seminary department.

In the Seminary Department we have 4 students: 3 are from the Free Reformed Church of North America and 1 is from our own churches. These students, all in the first year, are getting their first taste of practice preaching this term. Each must preach on two assigned texts before the faculty and student body this semester. This is in addition to a full course-load.

While all this makes for a rather heavy teaching load and a busy daily schedule of classes, we are grateful for the privilege to be busy in this aspect of the work of God’s church. We ask that you pray for us. We need that: without the Lord’s strength and grace we cannot labor. Even as we ask for your deeply grateful to you for your support, encouragement, and prayers, we are prayers on our behalf in the past.

We have received a goodly number of gifts for our Library, for which we thank you. Some of these gifts have come from brothers and sisters outside of our churches. We appreciate this more than we can express. Our library is growing, but it “has a long way to go.” In this connection, we wish to encourage you to make use of the seminary library. The library is open to all our people. Anyone, therefore, wishing to borrow books may contact our Librarian, Steven R. Houck.

May God’s blessing rest on you, us, and our churches, in order that His name may receive the glory.

With love in the Lord Jesus Christ,

Robert D. Decker

(for the faculty)