June 16, 1992

Dear Friends in Christ:

Last week the Synod of the Protestant Reformed Churches made some important decisions affecting our seminary. Synod approved “the schematic drawing of the proposed addition (with full basement) at an estimated cost of $439,880.” The ground for this decision is: “The plan adequately meets the needs for: the additional library space (bookshelves), a quiet study area for the students, and a separate study area for the professors who use the seminary as their place of work.” We might add that the planned addition also contains much needed storage space for the archives of our churches. Synod also authorized the Theological School Committee: “to proceed with producing the construction drawings of the proposed addition when one half of the estimated cost has been collected, to negotiate the construction price with invited contractors and award a construction contract when 75% of the estimated cost is collected, to borrow the remaining cost of the expansion and continue fund raising to pay off any debt necessary for this project.”

Fully aware of the fact that our people are supporting several church and school building projects, and not wanting to place any additional burdens on our people, Synod decided not to budget any monies for this project. This addition is to be financed by voluntary contributions and freewill offerings from our people and churches. To date about $115,000 has been contributed to this project.

Our hope is that we will be able to begin work soon, in order to take advantage of the lower bids in a depressed building industry. If you are able to help us financially please send your contributions to the Synodical Treasurer, Mr. Joel Zandstra, 4949 Ivanrest Ave., Grandville, MI 49418.

But, above all, continue to pray for us that we may be faithful in committing the truth to our future ministers and missionaries (II Timothy 2:2).

May God richly bless you.

Cordially in Christ,

Prof. Robert D. Decker,

for faculty, staff, and students