By the time that this report appears, classes will be finished for the semester at the Protestant Reformed Seminary. Students will be taking and professors will be marking final examinations.

The exceptions are the seniors, Allen Brummel and Douglas Kuiper. They will be preparing for their oral examination by synod in June. Passing their synodical examination, they will graduate in a public ceremony at the Hull PRC, Hull, IA, the evening of June 19. Shortly thereafter, they will be eligible for calls in the PRC. Both will be busy this summer. Mr. Brummel will fill the vacant pulpit of the Edgerton, MN congregation. Mr. Kuiper will lead the services of the Northern Ireland mission while the missionary is on furlough in the States.

Ten of the eleven seminarians were involved in practice preaching during the second semester. Most Monday mornings, from 8:30 until almost noon, were taken up with students preaching on assigned texts (including the Heidelberg Catechism) and with critique by students and professors.

Third-year seminarian Richard Smit will be serving his internship in Southeast PRC in Grand Rapids under the supervision of Southeast’s pastor and consistory. The internship begins on July 1 and continues to the end of the year.

The faculty has licensed third-year seminarian Henry DeJong to speak a word of edification in the worship services of the churches. Mr. DeJong will be doing an internship later this year in one of the churches in Western Michigan.

Last month, Rev. Bassam Madany was a guest lecturer at the Seminary. He gave two academic lectures on the Reformed church’s mission to Islam. Before his retirement, Rev. Madany was radio minister to the Arabic speaking peoples on the Christian Reformed “Back to God Hour.” His lectures were solid and helpful. We intend to publish these lectures.

The Spring, 1995 issue of the Protestant Reformed Theological Journal has been published. This issue contains articles on common grace, cross-cultural missions, and the history of the church’s doctrine of marriage, divorce, and remarriage, as well as reviews of several significant books. Copies are available on request from the Seminary.

All of us at the Seminary are delighted with the new addition to the building. The library has already been moved into the new quarters. We express our thanks to the churches for this support and promotion of our work. We also thank the friends outside the churches who contributed liberally to the addition. We invite all to stop by for a tour of the facilities.

God bless this work of the churches by giving able, devoted ministers of the gospel of His grace in Christ!

Cordially in Christ,

For the faculty,

Prof. David J. Engelsma