December 16, 1986

Dear Brothers and Sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ:

The fact that we have no seminary students and only one pre-seminary student does not mean the Seminary faculty has little or nothing to do. Prof. Hoeksema is teaching Dutch Grammar to our pre-seminarian, Leonard Holstege, who is in his sophomore year at the college level and to two others interested in learning Dutch. Prof. Hoeksema is also writing his Old Testament History Notes and working on a new book on the history of our Protestant Reformed Churches. In addition to his Wednesday evening class on the Canons of Dordt Prof. Hoeksema plans to offer a seminar on the theology of G. C. Berkhouwer for ministers of the Grand Rapids area. This class will meet on Tuesday mornings beginning in January. Both Prof. Hanko and Prof. Decker are busy working on their Master of Theology degrees at Calvin Theological Seminary. Prof. Bank0 is studying in the area of Church History and Prof. Decker in Homiletics (The Art and Science of Preaching). This provides the opportunity for these men to do some in depth study which will prove beneficial for their teaching. Prof. Hanko will be teaching, D.V., an evening course on the office and duties of deacons beginning in January. Beginning in the fall of 1987 Prof. Decker will be teaching a course on the office and duties of elders and/or a seminar on Preaching for the local ministers. All three professors enjoy occasional preaching assignments.

The library, under the direction of Prof. Hanko, continues to expand. Each year from $1500.00 to $2000.00 is spent on new books for the library. At this rate, we believe, our students in the future will be able to do most if not all of their research in our own library. We are grateful to those who have contributed to this important part of our seminary.

While there are several young men who have indicated an interest in pre-seminary studies, our urgent need for new students remains. We covet earnestly your prayers that God will provide “faithful men” who can be trained “to teach others also.” (II Timothy 2:2)

With Christian greetings,

The Faculty (per Prof. R.D. Decker)