To Our Brothers and Sisters of the Protestant Reformed Churches

At our last Protestant Reformed Fellowship meeting a desire was expressed among the brethren to share some of our feelings of hope and gratitude with likeminded fellow yoke bearers through the pages of the Standard Bearer

Since our last contact in this way was during Rev. Heys’ first stay among us, we felt time was overdue for a second installment. Even now the allotted time of Rev. Heys to labor among us is swiftly drawing to a close. We are reminded that we are creatures of time and everything is fleeting. We were also reminded during this stay that God overrules us in our plans and actions, when Rev. Heys was hospitalized and unable to preach the Word of God for some weeks after. We are grateful to our covenant God that former health and strength is again restored to our pastor, enabling him to take stock and utilize to the full those remaining days among us. 

Writing on behalf of a body of believers in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ we feel deeply indebted for all the tokens of goodwill extended to us by the Protestant Reformed Churches in America, culminating in the labor of Rev. Heys among us.

Looking back over the years we feel that Gods providence supplied us with this contact. Speaking in behalf of those among us who came from the Netherlands half a lifetime ago and settled in this land, we also believe that God’s hand led us here. Being persuaded to seek for truth we met with conflict in those early years. We found ourselves pilgrims and strangers in the earth even among brethren. As it turned out to be, we lost a church, but we found each other at the foot of the cross of our Savior. God allows-a church to rise up against us but leaves us our last brother and friend, if we stand for the truth. Even more, He brought to us brethren and sisters from England, Ireland, Scotland and New Zealand to stand with us in the battle of faith. 

After all the waves and billows have gone over us we stand in awe and say in our hearts, “It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn Thy statutes” Psalm 119:71. Our years of isolation in the midst of God’s creation in this world also taught us to be humble. Humble in looking to Him for growth and even more for preservation together with our children. The all-wise God allows us time for consolidation to make us more willing and more ready instruments in His hand against the time appointed by Him. The issues of truth and error are always before us. It is on this point that our hearts yearn for a share in the rich heritage of our fathers in order to be strengthened in the truth, but also to pass it on to our children: “That the generation to come might know them, even the children which should be born; who should rise and declare them to their children” Psalm 78:6

With Christian greetings from New Zealand, 

B. Van Herk 

Wainuiomata, New Zealand