Letter From Covenant Prot. Ref. Church

To our Sister Churches of the Protestant Reformed Churches 

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of the Church: 

We come to you by way of the Standard Bearer with this letter for especially two reasons. In the first place, we desire to keep you informed with regard to the progress that we have made with our building project, and, in the second place, we wish to explain the fact that we are offering our sanctuary bonds for sale once again. 

With regard to the building itself, we have made considerable progress, as you can see from the pictures which accompany this letter. By the time this letter is published we hope to have the roof and siding on the building and also some of the plumbing and electrical work finished. All this has been done for the most part with money that has been raised from our congregation in addition to a sizable gift which we received from our sister congregation of Hope in Walker, Michigan. 

The rest of the project, therefore, consists of finishing and furnishing the interior of the building and in grading and paving the parking lot and driveway, all of which must be done before we may use the building. We are thankful to our God for providing us with the means necessary to carry the project this far; but it is also at this point that we urge you to consider prayerfully our continued need. 

In order to finish the work that remains we are still in need of nearly $100,000 and therefore are once again offering our sanctuary bonds. We do not seek to hide the fact that the interest on these bonds is very low and the maturity very long, but because of our limited means it would make the whole project impossible were we to offer higher interest or shorter maturity. We are asking a considerable sacrifice of you, therefore, when we ask that you consider the purchase of these bonds. 

The bonds are advertised once again in this issue of the Standard Bearer. There is a prospectus available which gives the details concerning these bonds. We humbly ask you to consider helping us. 

In Christ’s Name, 

The Consistory and congregation of Covenant Protestant Reformed Church 

Wyckoff, New Jersey