Letter from Covenant Church, Wyckoff, NJ

To our sister churches,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Since you have shown such great concern for us by your gifts toward our building fund, we consider it of interest to you to keep informed about the progress of our building project. We are indeed very thankful for all the many gifts which we have received and give thanks and praise unto the Lord for all His benefits. We received some very sizable gifts, including one of $10,000 from Hope church of Grand Rapids. This has made it possible for us to begin the actual work on our project. We are holding to our original plan not to use any of the money received through the sale of our sanctuary bonds until the entire offering is sold. However, since we received the large gifts we decided to use these gifts to do as much work on the project as possible. Already the work of clearing and excavating the area for the church building and the driveway is under way. About this we are very excited.

The sale of our bonds is not going as well as we would like. We therefore urge all who are able to consider purchasing our bonds. A complete prospectus giving all the details of our offering is available by writing our treasurer, Mr. Clarence De Groot, 176 Prescott Ave., Prospect Park, New Jersey 07508, or by calling (201) 790-4732.

Our plans are to continue working on the project as the Lord provides the means. Meanwhile we wait upon Him to realize the desire of our hearts at His appointed time for His glory.

Covenant Prot. Ref. Church,

Wyckoff, New Jersey

(by Rev. A. den Hartog)