Kalamazoo, Mich.

July 30, 1940.

“To the Protestant Reformed Church

924 Worden Street

Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Attention—Rev. D. Jonker.

“Esteemed Brethren in the Lord:

“The Consistory of the Protesting First Christian Reformed Church of Kalamazoo acknowledges receipt of your communication of May 28 and after carefully reading and considering the contents of same has come to the following conclusion:

“a. The Consistory does not accept any of the accusations mentioned in your missive and feels that if any contact is to be made these will have to be retracted.

“b. The Consistory has shown its willingness in the past and also now is willing to confer with the Protestant Reformed Church regarding a possible union if same can be accomplished on a reasonable basis and with the aim of ultimate success.

“c. If your church also desires to confer with us on such a basis the Consistory sees a possibility of union.

“d. The Consistory feels the need of a stronger unity with brethren that are one in their striving for more clearness of doctrinal truths and therefore asks that you will prayerfully consider the contents of this answer.”


Yours very respectfully,

Henry Danhof, President