Dear Editor of the Standard Bearer: May I have a little space in the SB, the paper which is still the leading magazine in the Reformed Church world, although Rev. De Boer is of the opinion that it is not worthwhile to read this magazine anymore, and it is no longer worthy of publication. That is what De Boer tells his readers in the Reformed Guardian of March 10 in his “A Moral Issue.” 

It is De Boer’s deep conviction and considered opinion that the trouble we have in our churches is the fault of Rev. H. Hoeksema. This type of leadership is domineering and hierarchical, and as such contrary to the spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. Proof please! 

Let me put you at ease Reverend: In our Protestant Reformed Churches at present is peace and harmony among its members, and we fully agree with the leadership of the Rev. H. Hoeksema and I can inform you that in his speech and writing he is Reformed, and not self-willed and schismatic, as you put it. 

By implication De Boer puts Rev. Hoeksema in the class with Solomon who built idol temples for his heathen wives in his old age. That means in this case that Rev. Hoeksema in his old age, after his sickness, when he became more or less feeble, he aims to lead the people of God in the wrong direction, away from God and His precepts. How dare you, De Boer, slander a minister of the gospel in a manner so hateful. Shame on you! 

I surmise you don’t know any more what slander is. Slander, Reverend, is a false or malicious report, and false is untrue, dishonest, disloyal; and malicious is bearing ill-will or spite prompted by hatred. 

Now, this you do not find in any of Rev. Hoeksema’s writings. He never has any evil intention to hurt others, but always speaks the truth based on Scriptures or the Confessions and this is more than can be said of your writing, De Boer. It is full of slander from beginning to the end.

The Reverend notifies his readers that the present difficulty is not a question of serious doctrinal differences. The Rev. Hoeksema lies when he claims it is. Proof please! 

The Rev. Hoeksema did point out time and again how serious it is, this error of a conditional gospel, but you and your supporters want to keep this adulterous baby, and it grows nicely and ere long it will be full grown. Beware! 

O yes, De Boer still believes as he always did. He still believes in election, and also that God must work faith from beginning to the end, and that man can do nothing. He still believes in unconditional election, but he also believes in conditional election, for this is also in accordance with Scripture. So, De Boer has unconditional, conditional election, whatever this may be. 

Now, Rev. De Boer, on the road to heaven through the midst of this world there are, no conditions, for we must be saved by grace, and by grace only, and we can do nothing, nothing to inherit eternal life, and as soon as you put something between God and the cross, God will curse you for He is a jealous God. De Boer believes all this, every bit of it, but he also believes the statements of De Wolf in his sermons that: “God promises every one of you that if you believe, you shall be saved,” and “Our act of conversion is a prerequisite to enter the kingdom of heaven.” 

Now, De Boer, to my knowledge you cannot believe both. The one excludes the other.

This was explained to you and your supporters again and again by H. Hoeksema in the SB, but to no avail. You will not listen, for you made up your mind that Rev. Hoeksema is not trustworthy, and you do not listen to the co-editors in the SB either, for all of you are not Prot. Ref. anymore, and you hate that paper, and therefore you must repent of your evil way De Boer and not slander your former professor H. Hoeksema who still taught and preached the unconditional truth of God’s sovereign mercy for His elect people; and I should know it, for all these years I was a member of Eastern Ave. Christian Reformed Church, and of the present Prot. Ref. Church whose members meet in Christian High, and of which Rev. H. Hoeksema, and Rev. C. Hanko are pastors in good standing; and don’t forget Rev. De Boer, you are not anymore a preacher of the gospel in any church, for in Edgerton Rev. Veldman is the God-ordained servant in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

De Boer also finds fault with Rev. Hoeksema’s leadership that a few years ago he made plain in theSB that Rev. Kok and Rev. De Jong misrepresented our Prot. Ref. truths in the Netherlands. How come De Boer, that at that time you didn’t find fault? Shall I tell you Rev., you have changed? 

Who told you De Boer that Rev. Hoeksema in the conditional debate led many of the lesser spirits in the wrong direction, because of his specious reasonings. I can inform you that those who serve with Rev. Hoeksema as pastors in the Prot. Ref, denomination always give a good account of themselves, and we as common members have not as yet lost our thinking cap, and are not blinded by your unethical and slanderous reasoning in the Reformed Guardian.

And how dare you De Boer slander Rev. Hoeksema and the brethren, (who always aim at the well-being of the Churches.) that they trample underfoot the Church Order, while you and your supporters have never done anything but that, also when you were suspended, and that in the legal way. Shame on you! 

Who told you the lie that Rev. Hoeksema walked out in the final meeting of the Fuller Ave. Consistory prior to the split? The Consistory told you different through the SB. Who gives you right, Reverend, to write that Rev. Hoeksema sowed the seeds of doubt and suspicion in your midst? Have you proof for it? You have not! Nothing but slander. 

Who informed you that Rev. Hoeksema preached split when he ought to have called for unity? and that all happened after his illness that broke him in body and soul. I assure you, De Boer, that he is not broken in body and soul, but preached the full counsel of God with more power and vigor than even before, honor and praise to our covenant God. Yes, De Boer you should read and re-read the exposition. of our Heidelberg Catechism in Lord’s Day 43, and take it to heart, for then you desire no more to falsify a man’s word nor be a backbiter or slanderer which are the proper works of the devil. 

Well, De Boer, will you be so kind if you write in theReformed Guardian the next time, to tell your readers that De Wolf did not confess his sin, and that the consistory found him guilty of the heresies charged; and the Rev. Hoeksema does not claim that his opinion is the one and only one. 

It also is De Boer’s considered opinion that those who have forced the split, have done it to gain power for themselves. They do it not for the glory of God. Such leadership has not in mind the preservation of the truth, is the opinion of De Boer. It is impossible for him to believe it. This I believe Reverend, for in all of your writing in the Reformed Guardian you have not the mind of Christ, no love for the church it seems, but seek self and condemn others without proof. 

Now, De Boer, you may see the marks of the false church coming to the fore, in the Prot. Ref. Churches, but that also is nothing but slander, the very works of the father of lies.

You know very well, Reverend that the Prot. Ref. truth, which is the truth of Scripture, is preached in Christian High every Sunday. Repent, and take heed to Paul’s warning, “That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive.” (Eph. 4:14). 

I thank you, esteemed Editor, for the space granted me. May God spare you many years yet as Editor of the Standard Bearer, and as preacher of the full counsel of God.