Last Chance To Join!

As announced in our May 15 issue, the cut-off date for our RFPA Book Club membership drive is July 15. 

Have you, members of your family, and your friends signed up? 

Remember, these are the generous provisions: 

1. If 1000 readers sign up, Book Club discounts will be 40%. 

2. If 400 sign up, discounts will be 30%. 

3. If less than 400 sign up, the discount will be 20%. 

You can help us and help yourself by promoting this membership drive. At this writing, we need 163 new members to reach the goal of 400. 

What are the requirements? They are simple: 

1) You must be from a Standard Bearer home. 

More than one member of a family may join. 

2) You must agree to purchase automatically everynew book published by the RFPA, with the exception of educational texts, such as Bible manuals and workbooks. If you are a member, these new publications will be sent to you when they come from the press, you will be billed, and as a member you promise to pay by return mail. 

3) You may, by virtue of your membership, purchase any RFPA publication at the going discount rate. 

We urge you to take advantage of this offer. 

Elsewhere in this issue you will find our ad and a membership blank. Mail it to RFPA Book Club, Box 2006, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501. 

On or before July 15!