Lange’s Commentary on the Holy Scriptures; Proverbs – Song of Solomon

LANGE’S COMMENTARY ON THE HOLY SCRIPTURES; PROVERBS-SONG OF SOLOMON. Published by Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Mich. Price $3.95.

Also this volume of Lange’s Commentary I have examined, and I heartily recommend to our readers for its scholarly as well as for its conservative and spiritual approach to the Holy Scriptures. The Bibelwerk that bears the name of Lange ranks among the outstanding commentaries of all times.

The present volume of Lange’s Commentary was originally written by Dr. Otto Zockler, a German theologian of the nineteenth century. The American edition has been much enriched by copious notes.

We agree with the doctrinal notes on the eighth chapter of Proverbs when they state that this chapter refers not so much to the eternal generation of the Word as to the foreshadowing of the New Testament Logos. According to the author the book of Ecclesiastes is not to be attributed to Solomon as its Alitor, but dates from a later period. This I regard, to say the least, as very dubious. As to the Song of Solomon, Dr. Zockler rejects the allegorical as well as the profane erotic method of interpretation, and prefers the typical-Messianic view of this book of Holy Writ. With this we can agree.

Heartily recommended.