It is with joy and profit I have read your articles on “The Death of Confessional Calvinism in Scottish Presbyteriansim,” (Aug.1, 1992-Dec. 15, 1992). After that I read again my copy of Dr. Macleod’s book,Behold Your God, together with Common Grace and the Gospel, by the late Prof. Cornelius VanTil. I have to confess I have read many things against Rev. H. Hoeksema, but nothing by him. I wonder if I could get a copy of his Reformed Dogmatics and how much would it cost. Could you guide me, please?

Since I can remember I had troubles with the doctrine of Common Grace when I tried to find support for it in the Bible. But the burden of the Reformed tradition is very heavy on me.

May God bless your ministry as you work for His Glory.

(Rev.) Alfonso Ropero

Tomelloso, Spain


We are sending you a copy of H. Hoeksema’sReformed Dogmatics, as well as some other materials, as our contribution to your work on behalf of the Reformed faith in Spain.