Volu 99 Issue 15

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God’s wise design of the bee

Every spring and summer a vital activity occurs in farm fields, greenhouses, and gardens around the globe. Pollen, produced by flowering plants, will be transported from the stamen (male part of a flower) to the pistil (female part of a flower), fertilizing the plant for the production of seed for the future propagation of the plant. This seemingly insignificant, and perhaps bothersome (for allergy sufferers) process plays a vital role within the creation. One particular purpose of this pollination process is that it is the orderly manner in which God sovereignly governs creation so that future generations of plants will...

The Kamps family history

As a child who grew up in Hudsonville PRC, I have several memories of our old church building on School Street, now torn down and an empty lot. One of those memories, is watching old Mr. George Kamps, who was Grandpa Kamps to many of my classmates and friends. Sunday after Sunday, with the help of two close family members, Mr. Kamps was helped down the aisle and into a pew, Nellie following slowly behind. As we continue Remembering the days of old…the days and years leading up to and during the startup of the Protestant Reformed Churches…may God be...