Vol 99 Issue 2

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What is gender dysphoria and its common expressions? (2)

Previous article in this series: October 1, 2022, p. 13. The diagnosis of gender dysphoria Back to your co-worker. Does she really have feelings of being a boy though she was born a girl? As we will see in future articles, it is not the case that everyone who presents themselves as another gender does so because of genuine (clinical) gender dysphoria. There are other reasons. However, there is no doubt that feelings of gender dysphoria exist for some people. It does not help anyone, including the church, to attempt to deny this. It is important to note though, that...

News from our churches

Greetings, dear reader of the Standard Bearer! It is our hope, the Lord willing, to begin a new supplemental series to “News from Our Churches,” in which we explore the organic nature of the church. Especially, we want to take a look at that part of the great and glorious body of Christ in the world we know fondly as the Protestant Reformed Churches in America, along with her sisters and friends. We are described in Scripture as living members, alive by the regenerating Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives in us. We live, as members of a...