Vol 99 Issue 09

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The Kalsbeek/DeJong family

What is published here and in the next issue are part of the history Mr. Cal Kalsbeek wrote originally and primarily for the benefit of the descendants of his father, the late Mr. John M. Kalsbeek (1913-2005). We thank him for sharing some of the history he has researched and written concerning his family. Cal offered the following explanation to his family members: “It will soon become obvious to the reader that ‘Dad’ is the focus of what I have written. This happened largely because the vast majority of the material I had at my disposal was obtained from him...

News from our churches

PRC news (denominational and congregational) With all the vacant churches in the PRC, numerous calls have been made and responded to in the last few months. We only provide the most recent here. Back on November 20, 2022, Rev. J. Laning accepted the call from Zion PRC to serve as home missionary. On January 1, 2023 he preached his farewell in Hull PRC, and on February 5 he is to be installed as home missionary. He plans to take some special missions classes and do some writing as Zion determines where best to have him begin his labors. Also on...