Vol 98 Issue 4

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Bring the books

The Church’s Hope: The Reformed Doctrine of the End (Volume One: The Millennium), by Prof. David J. Engelsma (Jenison, MI: RFPA). $29.95 soft. 350 pages. Reviewed by Rev. Garry Eriks. The clear message of this volume on eschatology is the church’s hope that Jesus Christ is coming again to bring His church to live with Him in body and soul forever. The church of the Lord Jesus Christ needs this hope because of the attacks upon her and the hardships she faces in an increasingly wicked world. From beginning to end Prof. Engelsma warmly reminds the church of her hope....

News from our churches

Trivia question: What emeritus ministers are still active in preaching and teaching in the PRC? (Answer at the end of this news report.) PRC news (Denominational) The churches in Classis East marked a special day of prayer on November 2, and some in Classis West observed the same. The reason given for the service was: “Our churches are experiencing great affliction at the present…. This great affliction is evidenced by the ongoing schism that has torn apart the body of Christ, the great need that we as a denomination have for ministers of the Word, and other ongoing afflictions as...