VOL 98 Issue 18

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Sand innumerable: God’s precious thoughts towards His precious church

Mr. Joel Minderhoud, science teacher in Covenant Christian High School and member of Hope Protestant Reformed Church in Walker, Michigan As the summer season is upon us in North America, many of us will likely take the opportunity to visit a beach. As you relax on the beach, basking under the warm summer sun and watching the waves lap upon the shore, take a moment to pick up a handful of sand and ponder this unique aspect of God’s creation. What passages of Scripture come to mind? What spiritual truths does God reveal in His Word through this particular product...

Have you considered the ministry?

Rev. Ryan Barnhill, pastor of Heritage Protestant Reformed Church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota Young man, have you considered the ministry? How much have you thought about this matter? How often have you given yourself to earnest prayer about this work? How frequently have you discussed this with your parents or with someone else whom you trust? The need for ministers is great! It is certainly true that God will bring into the office whom He will, and God’s will is never frustrated. But this does not mean that articles like this one are unnecessary. Dear reader, if you feel...