Vol 68 Issue 03

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Annual Report, 1990-1991

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens; So states the Word of God as may be found in Ecclesiastes 3:1. In verse 2, and continuing to the end of the book, there are ample illustrations how we mortals are restricted to, are subject to, the regimentation of the time factor in our lives. The various aspects one may or can experience in a lifetime are thus rehearsed in our ears. Also the vanity of all earthly things and the excellency of heavenly wisdom is herewith set forth. But read for yourselves the conclusion...

Book Reviews

Church History, by P.K. Keizer (Translated by T.M.P. VanderVen); Inheritance Publications, 220 pp. (paper). [Reviewed by Prof. H. Hanko.] This book, written by a minister of the Reformed Churches of the Netherlands (Liberated), who also taught church history in a Reformed high school in Groeningen, is intended as a textbook for high school students. In the preface we are told, however, that the book assumes a certain amount of knowledge of church history which is taught in elementary and junior high classes. And this is true. 

News From Our Churches

Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan. News from Singapore Rev. Kortering wrote his congregation in Grandville, MI recently, and we include a few of his first impressions here for our readers. “We thought we could imagine what life would be like here, but nothing can match the experience. We have windows on both sides of the flat, no screens, so we leave them open day and night. We can smell what our neighbors are cooking, and we can hear them scold their children. Their clothes hang on bamboo poles two feet above, below,...

Report of Classis West

Classis West met on Wednesday, September 18, 199l in Edgerton, MN. Classis met for a full day, finishing its work at about 600 Wednesday evening. Rev. S. Key served as President of the meeting and was welcomed by Classis, having recently moved to Randolph, WI, from Classis East. Rev. Robert Hargrove of Sovereign Grace Presbyterian Church in Spokane, WA, and Mr. Jim Roberts of Sovereign Redeemer Fellowship in Boise, ID, were welcomed as visitors to Classis. The main items of business were an appeal from a brother in Loveland, CO against the Loveland Consistory and an overture from the Loveland...