Vol 64 Issue 01

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Beginning Our Sixty-fourth Year Each year, beginning with 1924, when our Standard Bearer first made its appearance—and with that appearance produced both joy and consternation—our October 1 issue marks the beginning of a new volume-year for our magazine: this time, Volume 64. Usually there are some changes with that new beginning; and this year is no exception. The first and most obvious change this year is in the dress, or format, of our magazine, a change which you undoubtedly began to notice as soon as you picked up your mail. For several months we have been working with Mr. Jeff Steenholdt, a...

Thy Kingdom Come

Cornelius Hanko is an emeritus minister in the Protestant Reformed Churches. Ques. 123. Which is the second petition? Ans. “Thy kingdom come”; that is, rule us so by Thy Word and Spirit, that we may submit ourselves more and more to thee; preserve and increase thy church; destroy the works of the devil, and all violence that would exalt itself against thee; and also, all wicked counsels devised against thy holy word; till the full perfection of thy kingdom take place, wherein thou shalt be all in all. Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 48 Our Father, which art in heaven. Our...