Vol 61 Issue 08

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News From Our Churches

Rev. Bekkering preached his farewell sermon at Trinity Protestant Reformed Church in the evening on December 9. The Bekkerings moved on December 11. Rev. VanBaren preached the sermon at Rev. Bekkering’s installation as pastor in Faith Church, December 16. Rev. Dale Kuiper consented to go to Trinity Church in Texas with his family for December 23 and 30. Rev. Kuiper also preached the Christmas and New Year sermons in Texas.

God is Sovereign

In our study of the Ten Commandments, we have come to the Fifth Commandment, and thus also to the second table of the law, which teaches us our duties toward our neighbor, just as the first table taught our duties toward God. We may not forget, however, that this second table of the law is not to be divorced from the first. In the final analysis, this second table of the law, though it speaks of our relationships to our fellow men, has also to do with our duty toward God Himself.

The Nicene Creed

Article 9 (cont’d.) In Article 9 of the Nicene Creed the early church confessed, “And I believe one holy catholic and apostolic church.” We find in this article the four attributes of the church—her unity or oneness, her holiness, her catholicity, and her apostolicity. We have seen however that the early church had a much different understanding of these concepts than we do today.

Missionary Methods (26)

The point made in our last article is that the work of the missionary is to be distinguished from that of a pastor of an established congregation. The latter cares for a specific, settled congregation. He does so chiefly by the preaching of the Word. The missionary also preaches. This is his calling. But the missionary preaches to the unconverted. By this means Christ gathers His elect out of the nations. The aim or purpose of the missionary is that a congregation with its own officebearers, including a native pastor, may be established.

Integration and Segregation (1)

We hear much of integration and segregation today. We surely hear much of it in the midst of the world. The Word of God, however, also speaks of it. In fact, we see this phenomenon all about us, in all the works of God’s hands.

Human Craftiness and Divine Faithfulness

The golden sceptre was extended to Esther, and she began to breathe more freely. She had come before the king uncalled for; and had he not extended that golden rod to her she would have been executed that very day! But her husband-king was pleased to see her in the royal apparel; and to inform the soldiers attending him that she was not to be put to death, he extended that powerful and significant piece of metal to her.

Trip to the British Isles (2)

[Editor’s note: This is the second installment of Professor Hanko’s interesting account of a tour by him and Rev. D. Engelsma in behalf of our synodical Contact Committee to the United Kingdom. The previous installment dealt with their visit to Ulster. The scene now changes to England.]

One Hundred Fifty Years and Sixty (1)

[Editor’s note: This is the text of my address delivered Sept. 27, 1984, at our Hudsonville Prot. Ref. Church to commemorate the Sixtieth Anniversary of our Standard Bearer. This year, 1985, marks the Sixtieth Anniversary of our Protestant Reformed Churches; but the Standard Bearer, which played a part in the origin of our churches, is actually older than our denomination.]

Go and Tell the Church

Ques. 85: How is the kingdom of heaven shut and opened by Christian discipline?