Vol 61 Issue 15

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The Nicene Creed

Article 11—We look for the resurrection of the dead, Article 12—and the life of the world to come. Amen.  The final two articles of the Nicene Creed speak of the final glory of the church. Two spiritual realities are mentioned here. Article 11 speaks of the final resurrection. Article 12 speaks of the life of the world to come. These two are inseparably connected. For the resurrection of the dead is a resurrection to the life of the world to come. And they both mean our final salvation. 

News From Our Churches

Our congregation in Lynden, Washington extended a call to Rev. M. Joostens. Our congregation in Edgerton, Minnesota extended a call to Rev. M. DeVries, from a trio that included also Rev. R. Moore and Rev. C. Haak. The trio for Hull, Iowa is Rev. R. Hanko, Rev. R. Moore, and Rev. J. Slopsema. 

The Apostles’ Creed (2)

Introduction (2) We concluded our preceding article by calling attention, generally speaking, to the various doctrines as set forth before us in this beautiful confession, our Apostles’ Creed. In our fourth and final observation we reminded our readers of what we read in Articles 4-7, which speak of our Lord’s humiliation and exaltation. We now continue. 

The Sole Authority of the Word of God and Its Sufficiency

The Reformed doctrine of the exclusive authority of Scripture as the only and all-sufficient rule of faith and life stood at the heart of the reformers’ controversy with Rome. This truth Rome denied and continues to deny. This principle, along with the truth of justification by faith, formed the key doctrinal dispute by which the reformers stood or fell. 

Old Testament Introduction (1)

Having completed the study of the New Testament books of the Bible, we now turn to the Old Testament for a brief analysis of each of the books, especially seeking to understand the unique place of each book within the collection of all sixty-six. In this article we begin by way of introduction to summarize a few of the unique features of the Old Testament Scriptures.

The Missionary a Slave to All (1)

It is our purpose to expound I Corinthians 9:19-22 in this and succeeding articles. We are convinced that this passage has much to teach concerning mission work. The passage speaks of the proper attitude a missionary must have towards himself, towards his work, and towards those to whom he preaches the gospel. It deals with questions such as the following: 1) What is the proper motive behind missionary preaching?

Was Adam a Neanderthal Man?

Some time ago we quoted parts of an article by Dr. Menninga found in the Banner of November 12, 1984. In that article, he expressed his conviction that the earth was very old—and that Adam was, perhaps, not created directly of the dust of the ground. Adam could well have been the fruit of evolution, perhaps a Neanderthal man. That article called forth letters of disagreement—and an issue of Christian Renewal(Mar.

Believing All the Scriptures

The Mystery of the “Seventy Weeks” in Daniel 9, Chapter XIX As we have said, this prayer of Daniel is truly ahistorical prayer. It is also very particular and unique. Daniel stands here praying at the crossroads of God’s covenant dealings; he stands at the dawning of the morning of the day of Christ, the acceptable year of the LORD.

The Protestant Reformed Church of New Zealand

It gives me great pleasure to be able to write this article under the above title. Such a title is possible because the Lord in His mercy and grace has blessed the preaching of His Word unto the organizing of the Protestant Reformed Fellowship of Wellington into an instituted church of Jesus Christ. It is our privilege to be able to share this joy with them, for the Lord has seen fit to use us as Protestant Reformed Churches in America as a means to bring this to pass.