Vol 61 Issue 11

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News From Our Churches

Rev. Slopsema has received the call to Lynden Church in Washington from a trio that included Rev. M. Joostens and Rev. R. Hanko. Prof. R. Decker declined the call from Hull Church in Iowa. Edgerton Church in Minnesota has formed a trio: Rev. M. DeVries, Rev. D. Engelsma, and Prof. H. Hanko. Rev. D. Kuiper, at the request of Hope Church’s consistory (Walker), has agreed to teach in place of Rev. Veldman who plans, D.V., an extended stay in Lynden, Washington. Rev. Kuiper will be teaching two Monday evening catechism classes. Rev.

Ignorance Winked At

A reader writes:  ” Acts 17:30: ‘And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men everywhere to repent.’ Does this mean that the heathen before Christ were excused and will be saved?” 

1. Jesus Strengthened

“There appeared an angel unto Him from heaven, strengthening Him.”  Luke 22:43

For Thy Truth’s Sake

In the end, there is only one thing that matters in the life of a church or in the life of an individual. That one thing is that the church or individual has the truth. If a church has the truth, no matter how small it may be numerically, no matter how insignificant it may be in the eyes of men, no matter how it lacks resources and means, that church is great, and prosperous, and important. If a man has the truth, no matter how lowly his station in life, no matter how adverse the circumstances of his life, he...

Revelation—Christ’s Victorious Return (2)

Before considering an outline of this book, we should take note of two things. First, that the seals, trumpets, and vials mentioned in the book must not be interpreted to be historical sequence, as if the first seal introduces a series of historical events that are followed by events pictured in the trumpets, followed by events pictured in the vials. Rather, they are to be viewed as historical events running parallel. The seals, trumpets, and vials deal with events that began at the ascension of Christ and end in His personal return.

Time’s “Man of the Year”?

Annually, Time magazine chooses a “man of the year” and places his picture on the front cover. Could you imagine, even in your wildest dreams, that Time should perhaps place on that cover our Prof. Homer C. Hoeksema? I could not conceive of such either. Yet, perhaps even more unbelievable, would one expect to find such a picture on the front cover of the Banner?

The Moment of Truth

Strikingly Mordecai, after being highly honored by the king with a parade through the streets of Shushan while Haman cried out concerning him that he was the one in whom the king delighted, went back to his sackcloth and to sitting on the ground in front of the king’s gate. It is easy to understand that Haman went home with his head covered and feeling greatly humiliated. But for Mordecai, after having the royal garments removed, and after getting down from the royal horse, to return to sackcloth and to his former place on the ground where he sat in...

A Pamphlet Concerning the Reformation of the Church

(Kuyper, in this paragraph, is discussing the marks of the true and the false church. He does this so that the child of God who is called to engage in church reformation may be able to distinguish the two from each other.)

One Hundred Fifty Years and Sixty (concluded)

(Note: In our previous installment we concluded our discussion of the meaning of these One Hundred Fifty Years and Sixty. We are now ready to discuss their relationship.)