Vol 60 Issue 01

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Editorially Speaking

New Volume With this issue we begin our sixtieth volume. We do so with thankfulness to God that He has given us the privilege, the strength, and the means to publish all these years in the interest of the goodly heritage which He has given us. The beginning of a new volume also implies some changes. As far as the Staff is concerned, departing from the ranks of our regular contributors are the Revs. W. Bruinsma, D. Engelsma, R. Flikkema, K. Koole, and R. Miersma. Added to our ranks are the Revs. Ronald Hanko, who will be co-responsible, with Rev....

The Administration of the Sacraments

Ques. 66 What are the sacraments?  Ans. The sacraments are holy visible signs and seals, appointed of God for this end, that by the use thereof, He may the more fully declare and seal to us the promise of the gospel, viz., that He grants us freely the remission of sin, and life eternal, for the sake of that one sacrifice of Christ, accomplished on the cross.