Vol 59 Issue 04

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News From Our Churches

Rev. den Hartog, our missionary in Singapore, is visiting the Grand Rapids area for a little while. The Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Society of First Protestant Reformed Church is sponsoring a night with Rev. den Hartog and his work in Singapore, November 16, at 8 P.M. in First Church. We welcome the den Hartogs into our midst again while they are on furlough for six weeks. If you want first hand information on how Rev. Lau Chin Kwee and his family are doing, then make sure that you take the time to talk with Rev. den Hartog and his family...

Letter to Timothy

Dear Timothy,  In our last letter we were discussing the human personality which God gives to everyone at the moment of birth. We noticed a number of things about the human personality, chief of which was that God gives to each man his own distinct and unique personality which makes him different from every other person that ever lived and ever will live.  I think it is very important to say a few more things about this. 

A Pilgrim’s Perspective (2)

Perhaps I should introduce myself. My name is Pilgrim Watcher. My God-fearing parents gave me that name as an expression of the faith that lived in them, and in order to express to me what my life must be. 

Presenting the Gospel to Strangers (2)

Last time we began to consider some important principles which must govern the way in which we approach the stranger. We saw, first of all, that we must be honest. We bring the Truth of the Gospel and therefore must come in a truthful way. 

All Around Us

On Divorce and Remarriage I found an interesting letter in the “Mailbag” of thePresbyterian Journal, September 29, 1982, on the subject of divorce and remarriage, written by Rev. William E. Hill, Jr. In commenting on earlier articles found in that magazine, he states about his own personal experience:

Deathbed Confidence

In Hebrews 11:20 we read of the faith of Isaac consisting in this, that he blessed Jacob and Esau concerning things to come. Then in the next verse we read of Jacob blessing the sons of Joseph; and that is presented in this chapter of the giants of faith as evidence of Jacob’s great faith. Both father and son are listed as giants of faith, and both are presented as performing the same act of faith, namely, blessing their seed. 


Reformed or Baptist: Either…Or In a recent issue of Reformation Today (Number 68) its editor, Errol1 H&e, an English spokesman for those who call themselves “Reformed Baptists,” makes some remarks about this name in which, in part, he seeks to explain and to justify the name Reformed Baptist. Evidently he writes mainly for the benefit and instruction of Reformed Baptists. Nevertheless, in reflecting on this subject he writes about something which ought to be dear to the heart of any truly Reformed person. And in doing so, Mr.

My Sins Forgiven!

Ques. 56. What believest thou concerning “the forgiveness of sin”?  Ans. That God for the sake of Christ’s satisfaction, will no more remember my sins, neither my corrupt nature, against which I have to struggle all my life long; but will graciously impute to me the righteousness of Christ, that I may never be condemned before the tribunal of God.  Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 21

A Pamphlet Concerning the Reformation of the Church (56c)

(Kuyper is discussing reformation in the church through the way of separation from the church. He is discussing the conditions under which such separation becomes necessary and the individual’s calling to be obedient to God even when he faces opposition from his church. This kind of reformation must begin in the local congregation of which the individual is a member when that local congregation begins to lose the marks of the true church.)

A Minister-Rabbi Conversation (3)

III. About Anti-Semitism and the Trinity “I thought you might invite me to your office in Temple Beth Anshe Chesed,” was the way the Rev. N. K. Russo began his third conversation with the rabbi. “No,” that dignitary replied, “I prefer the advantages of an open-air restaurant with nothing but the Creator’s shade trees and Jehovah’s heaven over my head. Such comfort we should always have! Such delicious espresso to stimulate our discussion on the planned topic of, you should pardon the expression, ‘anti-Semitism’! You don’t believe in it, do you?”