Vol 58 Issue 06

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News From Our Churches

Since a news editor merely writes about events that happen and does not make them happen, the news in our November 15 column concerning the newly elected members of the Reformed Free Publishing Association Board is of no effect. John N. Dykstra, Cornelius Pastoor, and Robert Garvelink are theretiring board members rather than the newly-elected ones as was erroneously reported. My apologies to you gentlemen, and to the following real newly-elected board members of the R.F.P.A.: Gerard Bylsma, William Corson, and Arnold Dykstra. 

Man’s Chief End

“My aim in life is in finding happiness!” It seems almost everybody these days says this. There is nothing really wrong in wanting happiness, is there? No, indeed; not if you want to obtain it in the right way. On this note there is much to be said. But pause for a moment and consider that the word “happiness” is not found in our King James Bible. Yet it is still the world’s “best seller” book. (I wonder how that “grabs” modern joy-seekers!) The word “happy” is found in the King James Bible about twenty-eight times.

All Around Us

Voting On Sunday The idea of rest for Sunday has well-nigh disappeared from the land. There is seen hardly any observance of this special day any more. There is buying and selling on Sunday. Entertainment and other activities are available and used on Sunday. Yet the Christian could continue still in observing this day of rest. The temptations to abuse it are great. But the child of God understands that the fourth commandment still applies.

Romans—Justification by Faith (conclusion)

We continue with our outline of the book of Romans. So far we have seen that in Romans 1:16-11:36 the Holy Spirit led Paul to set forth the exalted theme of justification by faith. This we call the doctrinal part of the book. 

Anything Goes

As the end of time approaches us the cup of sin and iniquity becomes more and more full; the violation of God’s holy law becomes more and more pronounced, and the horror of sin, as sin develops, is simply beyond belief. As the end of time approaches us, sin is no more called sin but acceptable practice, and almost anything goes.

A Bitter Cry of Unbelief

With heavy hearts, because they had to leave Simeon behind in one of Egypt’s prisons, the nine brothers of Joseph mounted their beasts of burden. And yet with a sigh of relief they headed northward for the land of Canaan. How wonderful to be out of prison and away from rough speech! 

Church Extension and Evangelism (2)

In the recent special issue of the Standard Bearer we began a survey of what each of the Protestant Reformed Churches is doing in its locale in church extension and evangelism. With this article we conclude that survey. 

Non-Functional by Reason of Losing the Marks

Dear Prof. Hoeksema:  You quote Rev. Kuyvenhoven in the Standard Bearer of Nov. 15, 1981 as having said in the Banner editorial of Oct. 26, 1981: “The views of the Reformers are no longer ours. And the kind of thinking about the church that is recorded in the Belgic Confession is no longer functional in the Christian Reformed Church.” Further, you quote Kuyvenhoven that “the church had an artificial unity before” the time of the Reformation, but that “it has suffered a genuine disunity ever since.” 

The Faces of Semi-Arminianism

Sometimes when I read articles which enrage in unfounded criticism of our Protestant Reformed Churches and their doctrinal position, I am inclined both to laugh and to cry. One must be able, amid the pressures of conflict and controversy, to retain a healthy sense of humor. If he fails to do so and is unable to see the humor in and laugh at the ridiculousness of false charges and far-fetched and even desperate criticisms, he will not be able to endure the pressures and maintain his equilibrium.