Vol 58 Issue 05

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News From Our Churches

“We must derive our goal from our basis of Christian education: the covenant of God with believers and their children. The foundation determines the completed structure that stands on that foundation. On the foundation of a chicken coop you do not build the Sears Tower. Our aim in Christian education must be that contained in and expressed by the covenant-command of Jehovah to believing parents.” 

Protestant Reformed Evangelism

We are pleased to report that seventeen of our churches responded to our request for a resume of their evangelism (church extension) efforts. In this and perhaps succeeding issues we shall report on each of these churches. We hope not only that this will make for interesting and informative reading, but also that these articles will be of benefit to the various evangelism committees and church extension committees. Perhaps various churches will gain new insights and ideas concerning this all important work. 

Our Publications and Missions

(I want to acknowledge and express public appreciation to Mr. Thomas Miersma for his thoughts and expertise on this subject. Tom, who is a senior in our seminary, has worked for Baker Book House and is currently serving on the Permanent Committee for the Publication of Protestant Reformed Literature.)

The Making of a Book

“A motion is made, supported, and carried to authorize the editor to proceed with the publishing of….” So each new R.F.P.A. book has its beginning at a meeting of the Publications Committee. As soon as I receive the typewritten manuscript, I set to work. Every afternoon when my two young children nap, I collect the manuscript, dictionary, manual of style, Bible, and red ink pen, and settle down to proofread. An editor must read with an eye for many details. All punctuation and grammar must be correct.

The Making of a Book (In Pictures)

Once a manuscript is ready and the Publications Committee has decided to print it, it goes to the Managing Editor. She is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the entire publishing process. First of all, the manuscript is edited and corrected by her, bids on typesetting and printing are obtained, and the production process begins.  The next step is typesetting. Recently almost all of our books have been typeset by Mrs. Judi Doezema, who does this work on a part-time basis in addition to her teaching. 

The R.F.P.A. Publications Committee and Its Work

The permanent Committee for the Publication of Protestant Reformed Literature (P.C.P.P.R.L.) is the official name of that branch of the R.F.P.A. responsible for publishing our books. Our first book was copyrighted in 1966. By the end of 1981 we will have an even two dozen books listed in our catalogue.  How did all this have its beginning?  How does this organization operate? 

The Standard Bearer and Polemics

The Standard Bearer is in its 57th year of publication. This is a span of time greater than that of most religious publications. For this we have to be thankful to God who has preserved our “paper” through all these years. 

The Making of the Standard Bearer

The purpose of this account is to tell you, in words and pictures, how your magazine reaches you twenty-one times per year. 

From Your Business Manager

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that the Editorial Staff of the Standard Bearer is the primary and most important department in the preparing of each issue of our publication. However, without the assistance and cooperation of the Board of the R.F.P.A., the proofreader, the printer, and other business men, the presentation of our paper would be impossible. Also, filling a small role in distributing each issue, is your Business Manager. His duties include the mailing of each issue, the mailing of renewal notices each month, and collecting the mail from P.O.


A Word About This Special Issue As you will soon discover when you page through this issue, it is a special one, devoted this time to the subject of our distinctively Reformed publications. In the main, we aim in this issue to acquaint you, or to acquaint you more thoroughly, first, with the publication of our Standard Bearer, and, second, with the publication of our R.F.P.A. books—the two main branches of the work of the R.F.P.A.