Vol 58 Issue 03

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News From Our Churches

As you know from the absence of a news column in the last issue of S.B., Classis West met on September 9 in our Hull, Iowa Church. On the day prior to classis, an officebearers’ conference was held—as has been the practice of late—on the subject of the ruling elder. Papers were presented by John Kalsbeek, Jr., of Redlands, California and M. Straayer of Edmonton, Alberta.  From a trio of Reverends Houck, Kamps, and Van Overloop, Rev. Van Overloop of our Birmingham mission field has been extended the call from Redlands, Calif. 

A Tale of Three Houses and a Church

On a street in a certain city there are found three houses and a church. In each of the three houses dwell a husband and a wife. In the church dwells… well, we know who dwells in the church. God’s people dwell there. The article which follows has to do with what goes on between these husbands and wives in these their houses. It will focus on the relationship that exists between them—quite a different relationship as we shall see.

Annual Secretary’s Report of the R.F.P.A.

Dear Brethren:  The Board of the R.F.P.A. takes this occasion to inform you of its activities of the past year. 

Romans- Justification by Faith (2)

As we study the epistle to the Romans, it is helpful to consider the circumstances under which Paul wrote it. 

The Vile Sin of Homosexuality (2)

Holy Scripture condemns the practice of homosexuality. Romans 1:27 calls it a “working that which is unseemly.” Scripture condemns as well the tendency of a person to this evil. Homosexual nature itself is sin. 

A Necessary Distress

When the ten brothers who had sold Joseph into Egypt as a slave stood before him, not aware of his identity, and he accused them of being spies who came to see the nakedness of the land, he was not bearing false witness against them. He knew better. He knew exactly who they were and why they came to Egypt. To speak the truth ourselves we cannot say that it was a case of saying the wrong thing because of ignorance. And yet we may not accuse Joseph of breaking the ninth commandment. Nor may we accuse him of cruelty...

Seeking a Wife

A young man seeks a young woman that they may cleave to each other as one flesh. Over and over this is repeated, among all nations and tribes, from the beginning of time until the return of Christ. This is natural, of course, for God created this desire within both the man and the woman. Not only is this natural but it is also good, for “whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord.” 

The Bible Conference in Birmingham

Now that we have completed our discussion of the missionary preaching of the Apostles we are going to interrupt the series on Missionary Methods in order to report on a Bible Conference in which the undersigned participated. The Conference which took place in May was hosted by Rev. Ronald Van Overloop and our home mission station in Birmingham, Alabama. In addition to Pastor Van Overloop and myself, Rev. Steven Houck participated. It was a four-day conference and began on Sunday. Two worship services were held on Sunday.

The GKN on the Nature of the Authority of Scripture

Last time we saw that the Report/Decision of the Gereformeerde Kerken reached the point in its argumentation at which it stated that while the human element and the divine element in Scripture cannot be separated in such a way that ultimately the so-called “authentic” revelation is retained, nevertheless it is possible “to a certain extent” to make this distinction. After all, the Word of God is present, according to the Report, even where “the human time-bound shines through.” Naturally, this necessitates distinguishing between the two.