Vol 58 Issue 12

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News From Our Churches

Now that Rev. Moore has accepted the call to Isabel, South Dakota, our Edmonton, Alberta, Canada congregation joins Redlands as a calling church. Edmonton has formed a trio consisting of Reverends Bruinsma, Bekkering, and Koole.

Women Smoking

We received the following question: “May women smoke?” 

A Necessary Move

Once again our attention is focused more emphatically upon Jacob. His son Joseph had been on the foreground in Scripture for many chapters. In these chapters Jacob did appear on the scene briefly. He ordered his sons to go down into Egypt to get food. He objected strenuously when his sons insisted that his youngest son, Benjamin, go along the second time to insure getting another supply of much needed food for the family. He had also rebuked his sons for telling this ruler in Egypt so much about the family; and then, because of the need, he consented to...

Missionary Methods (10)

The reader will recall that we are involved in an analysis of the significant little book, The Planting And Development of Missionary Churches, written by the seasoned Presbyterian missionary of nearly a century ago, Dr. John L. Nevius. Nevius contended that the new converts should not be employed and paid by the mission for the work of preaching and evangelism. They should rather be left in their stations in life and encouraged to leave a witness to the Gospel by word and deed.

A Reformed Church in Singapore

It was an event of significant importance to my wife and me. Having lived and worked among the GLTS on three previous visits, we wanted to share with them their joy in being instituted as a church. This church was not to be like the other churches in Singapore. But, by the mercy of God, this church would be Reformed, having its foundation on the Three Forms of Unity, namely, the Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confession, and the Canons of Dordrecht. Therefore we, with elder John Kalsbeek, decided to travel once more to the island to witness and participate in...

The Organization of the ERCS

The most blessed and wonderful event of the history of our labors in Singapore has taken place. On January 24, 1982 the Evangelical Reformed Church of Singapore was organized. For this goal we have all labored long and hard and have long been in earnest prayer to God. We thank the Lord and praise His name for His wonderful goodness and faithfulness. From several points of view the organization of the church here was a momentous event. First of all, of course, it is a most blessed and significant event for the youthful saints of God here.

The Institution of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Singapore

At the occasion of the institution of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Singapore on January 24, the new congregation published an attractive little booklet commemorating that significant and joyful event. From our visiting seminarian, Lau Chin Kwee, I obtained a copy of this booklet. In it there are especially two documents which I want to share with our readers, so that they may gain some insight into the work of the Lord that has been accomplished in Singapore and so that they may share somewhat in the joy of this wonderful occasion.

Our Lord’s Coronation

Ques. 50. Why is it added; “and sitteth at the right hand of God.”  Ans. Because Christ is ascended into heaven for this end, that He might appear as head of His church, by Whom the Father governs all things.  Ques. 51. What profit is this glory of Christ, our head, unto us?  Ans. First, that by His Holy Spirit He pours out heavenly graces upon us His members; and then that by His power He defends and preserves us against all enemies.