Vol 57 Issue 08

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The Shame of a P.R. Minister

Well, this is the last article that you will read written by the undersigned, at least for awhile. For the next twelve articles in this rubric you must look to Rev. Bruinsma and Rev. Koole. It is my prayer that you who took the time to read my articles might have been edified by them. And further, it is my prayer that you who take the time to read the future articles written by my colleagues might also be edified by them. I am confident that you will be. 

News From Our Churches

Following Rev. Kuiper’s decline of their call, Redlands has extended a call to Rev. Flikkema, from a trio which included also Reverends Bekkering and Prof. H. Hanko. 

Those Who Fall Away

A question has been sent in to the Question Box concerning Hebrews 6:4-6. The writer asks whether those who have tasted of heavenly gifts and were partakers of the Holy Ghost, and later fell away, were actually in the sphere of the covenant before they fell away. He likes some clarification on this matter. 

Jacob’s Faith Triumphs

All in all Jacob’s life was a troubled life. 

Be Ready With an Answer

There is a Word of God that the church today needs to hear. This Word is found in I Peter 3:15, “Be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you.” 

Mark—The Gospel of Jehovah’s Servant (1)

When trying to determine a specific theme for each of the gospels, a person encounters some difficulty. Evidence of this can be seen in the variety of themes suggested for this gospel of Mark. Among them we find Jesus, the Son of God; the gospel of the Lion of Judah’s Tribe; Jesus the Mighty King; Jesus the Servant of Jehovah. Some draw their theme from a general overview of the entire book; others focus attention upon some specific text. In this instance, it would seem appropriate to view this gospel as a record of the ministry of Jesus, culminating in...

The Calling of All Believers in the Work of Evangelism

The work of evangelism is a very important part of the calling and work of the church of Jesus Christ. It is not the only work of the church, as some today would have it, nor even the most important. It is nevertheless a very important work; so much so that no church that is not actively involved in it is fulfilling the whole of her calling and purpose. The work of evangelism is surely part of the great commission which our Lord Jesus gave to the New Testament church. This great commission stands for our church today.

The E.P.C. of Australia – Revisited (Conclusion)

On the last weekend of our stay in Australia we enjoyed what was probably the most different of our experiences there. For example, who would expect to find on a 2,000-acre ranch in the interior of Australia, in sparsely populated country, where the postal service is only twice weekly, where it is possible for days on end to see no one but members of your own family—who would expect to find there, thousands of miles from home, a Reformed Book Shop which features Protestant Reformed literature? Yet such was our experience.  Let me explain. 

The Faith of Amram and Jochebed

Amram and Jochebed, the parents of Moses, both of the tribe of Levi—why are they mentioned here inHebrews 11? What a difference between all these “heroes” of faith! What deeds of faith are listed of Abraham! And notice what we read in the verses 33-34. But all that we read of Amram and Jochebed is that they hid Moses for three months! One might ask: how can this be considered an act of faith? Is this not the least that one might expect of them?