Vol 57 Issue 20

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Publication News. Scheduled for autumn publication by our Reformed Free Publishing Association are two paperbacks which will sell at $3.95 each. The first will be Prof. Herman Hanko’s We And Our Children (The Reformed Doctrine of Infant Baptism). This valuable little book, as the sub-title indicates, sets forth the Reformed doctrine of infant baptism; but it does so over against the Baptist position. The book is an adaptation of a series of articles in the Protestant Reformed Theological Journal which were written by Prof.


Ques. 39. Is there anything more in His being crucified, than if He had died some other death?  Ans. Yes (there is); for thereby I am assured that He took on Him the curse which lay upon me: for the death of the cross was accursed of God.  Ques. 44. Why is there added, ‘He descended into hell”?