Vol 57 Issue 15

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News From Our Churches

. Along with the report of Classis West—which you read in the last issue of S.B.—Rev. Engelsma sent the following account of activities that preceded the sessions of Classis West: “On Tuesday afternoon and evening before Classis, the delegates held an officebearers’ conference in the Loveland church building. The subject was ‘Preaching the Law and Gospel’ —a continuation of the discussion at the previous conference in Pella. An introduction in the form of a list of propositions and questions was provided by the conference chairman and committeeman, Rev. W. Bekkering.

Book Reviews

.UNDERSTANDING CHURCH GROWTH, Donald A. McGavran; Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., Grand Rapids, Michigan; 480 pp., paper, $12.95. (Reviewed by Prof. R. D. Decker)  This book is a full revision of an earlier (1970) edition bearing the same title. It is full of tables, graphs, and statistics, all of which are used to support the main thrust of the book. It is McGavran’s contention that the church as it exists throughout the world can and indeedmust grow.

Reformed, Yet Always Reforming (1)

. This is the first of three anticipated installments of the written transcript of Prof. Hanko’s Reformation Day Lecture, delivered in Hudsonville on October 30, 1980.

Evangelism and the Reformed Faith (4)

The Method of Reformed Evangelism Just as it has its own message of evangelism, the Reformed Faith has its own method of evangelism: the Biblical method of preaching and teaching. The proper, effective method of evangelism is prescribed by Holy Scripture. No more than the Church may invent her own message may she invent her own method. She is bound by the commandment of the Bible.

All Around Us

.The Evil of Abortions One hears of the growing murders in abortion. The figures given are almost unbelievable. The Christian News reports of this in its March 16, 1981 issue:

Lacking the Power of Godliness

. It is always a matter of extreme importance for us to watch for the various occurrences which give rise to the antichrist. Because of our busy everyday lives we all too often become oblivious to the many signs which surround us. Not only are these signs prevalent in the world “out there,” as we have noted in the articles which have dealt with the rise of cults and the chaos of wars, but upon close examination we find Satan works hard (perhaps the hardest) in our own churches in order that when antichrist does appear we too might be deceived and...

Missionary Methods (3)

. Continuing our study of the preaching of the Apostles we concentrate our attention on the second sermon of the Apostle-Peter recorded in the Book of Acts. This sermon is recorded in chapter three verses twelve through twenty-six. (Since the passage is too lengthy to quote in its entirety the reader is asked to consult his Bible.) It is our thesis that the church in its mission work today must follow the same pattern laid down by the Apostolic Church. The church, also today, must preach the gospel, herald the good news, evangelize.

Impressions of Singapore (2)

. Although our stay in Singapore was relatively brief, too brief to make as thorough acquaintance with the young brothers and sisters of the GLTS as we might have liked, and too brief to gain as great an understanding of the work there as we would have liked, yet we were able to gain a considerable acquaintance with the work there. This was partly because of our opportunity for fellowship and conversation with Pastor and Mrs.