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Evangelism and the Reformed Faith (3)

Yet another crucial element of the message of evangelism is repentance: heartfelt, godly sorrow over one’s sins. In Luke 24:47, Jesus charges that “repentance and remission of sins should be preached.” In obedience to the Lord’s mandate to him, Paul showed all men “that they should repent.” Then he called them to “do works meet for repentance” (Acts 26:20).

News From Our Churches

. 2,000 + 52 = 38.461538. At least that’s what my calculator reads. Which means that when May 10 arrives, a total of 2,000 Reformed Witness Hour broadcasts—38.461538 year’s worth—will have passed over the airwaves. A milestone worth celebrating, don’t you think? Well, the Radio Committee thinks so too, so they are planning an evening of commemoration on April 23 at First Church in Grand Rapids. The program will include two choirs and a live Reformed Witness Hour broadcast (at least recorded live, to be played on Sunday, May 10) with Prof. R. Decker as speaker.

Book Reviews

. I & II CORINTHIANS (The New Century Bible Commentary), by F. F. Bruce; Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1981; 262 pp., $6.95. (Reviewed by Prof. H. Hanko.)  This is another volume in the New Century Bible Commentary series of which Ronald E. Clements and Matthew Black are General Editors. 

Of Singing and Playing

. On Sunday evening, November 2, 1980, our congregation in Hull held a dedication program for our new organ. For those who might be familiar with organs, the congregation has purchased an AOB (Associated Organ Builders) 523 organ. The program consisted of several special numbers on the organ, two numbers by our grade school choir, audience singing, and a demonstration of the organ. In addition, I gave the following address.

Evangelism and Practical Godliness

. In our last article on the subject of evangelism we promised to discuss the subject of the relationship between the life of the Christian and the work of evangelism. We emphasized in our last article that we all in the office of all believers have a calling in the glorious and wonderful work of evangelism. We wrote especially about our calling to give a testimony of the truth of the Word of God and of His wonderful works. It is necessary for us to give a testimony with our mouths. Without speaking of the truth of the Word of...

All Around Us

.Women in office—Despite Scriptural teachings The Outlook, March 1981, presented an interesting quotation of an editorial and later response which appeared in KERUX, the paper published by the students of Calvin Seminary. The editorial does not necessarily reflect the thoughts of anyone but the writer-but does show an honesty in the “women in office” debate that is seldom otherwise seen. The writer, a student in Calvin Seminary, attempted to clarify an earlier editorial by writing:

The Master of Dreams Sold for Silver

. There was a short period of peaceful life at home for Joseph. For his brethren, who could not speak peaceably to him, and hated him for his coat of many colours, and for his dreams which predicted that they would all bow down before him some day, had gone to Shechem to feed their father’s sheep. Jacob was home with the two sons of his beloved and now deceased wife. There was tranquility, at least among father and sons, a tranquility that was such a blessed change. 

Missionary Methods (1)

. With the last article we concluded our study of the principles of missions. With this article we purpose to begin a series on the proper method or methods of performing missionary work among the nations of the world. In other words our purpose shall be to examine the question of how the principles of missions must be implemented by the church in the actual practice of mission work. Quite frankly, the undersigned embarks on this venture with a great deal of reticence and even some uneasiness. There was no course in missions offered in the seminary while he was...


The GKN on the Nature of the Authority of Scripture (3) Before we continue our discussion of Chapter I of the Report/Decision, a bit of news about further developments in the Dutch churches in connection with this Report. You will recall that Waarheid en Eenheidwas accused of violating the law when it published the entire report, even though the report was public and had been dealt with in open session by the General Synod of the GKN and had, in fact, been distributed to the press.