Vol 56 Issue 18

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News From Our Churches

Hope Church in Walker, Michigan extended a call to Rev. Gise Van Baren which he subsequently declined. Their trio also included Professor Homer Hoeksema and Rev. Bernard Woudenberg.  Our Holland, Michigan congregation extended a call to Rev. David Engelsma. Their trio also included Professor Herman Hanko and Rev. Woudenberg. 

Report of Classis East

May 14,1980  Southeast Prot. Ref. Church  Classis East met in regular session on May 14, 1980 at Southeast Church. With the exception of Kalamazoo, the churches were each represented by two delegates. Rev. R. Hanko had his initiation as chairman. 

Book Reviews

ON YOUR WAY REJOICING, by Louis M. Tamminga; Paideia Press, 1979; $4.95 (paper), $6.95 (hard cover). (Reviewed by Prof. H. Hanko) 

Enviromental Pollution

Over the last few years man has become increasingly alarmed about pollution. In our day and age, when man talks about pollution he is not talking about the pollution of his soul; he is talking about the pollution of his soil and of his air and water. Man’s alarm is understandable. When you talk about the earth and threats to its environment you are talking about man’s very existence. Man lives not only on the earth, but out of the earth. God made man a creature whose very physical existence is dependent upon the means only planet earth can provide.

Fearful Jacob Meets Fearsome Esau

For Jacob the inevitable meeting with Esau could not have come at a worse time. Physically the man was in no shape for this ordeal. For he had spent a sleepless night in a bone-wearying wrestling match with God Himself. He was left physically exhausted. And, what is more, he was now a cripple who was in no condition to do any more wrestling with men. Yet he must go and meet the brother who threatened to take his life away as soon as their father was dead. 

About the Origin of the Soul

From Lynden, Washington we received the following questions concerning the origin of the soul:  “Do we receive or inherit our souls from our natural parents? If so, from father, or mother, or both? That would seem to pose some difficulties. If not, is each individual soul an immediate creative act of God? Consequently, is God still creating? 

In Pursuit of Excellence

Congratulations and God’s blessing! A significant accomplishment has been made by you who graduate by the grace of God. Virtually no one takes note of this accomplishment. But you may be sure that God does. What has been accomplished is of great significance for our churches and the cause of Jesus Christ in the world. You have completed your college education, your pre-seminary work. That is the first and necessary step in your training for the ministry of the Word. You have studied many and varied courses as preparation and background for your work in theology.

All Around Us

What of the Hostages? You have heard it again and again, in newspaper, magazine, on television and radio—Iran continues to hold hostage some 53 Americans. They have done this for over 200 days. Daily we are reminded about the fact. The rescue attempt which failed has been analyzed in detail. The whole sad event has proved frustrating and irritating. How can someone do that to our country? Perhaps each of us experiences a bit of the frustration too—since we are citizens of the United States. Nor can we condone that which was done. 


Pre-Seminary Graduation—Class of 1980 Friday, May 23, was a red letter day for our Theological School.  Why? 

Editor’s Notes

Publication News. Behold, He Cometh! is now newly available from the RFPA, after a brief period of being out of print. It is also available at a new price: $12.95, due to our increased costs. We may also report thatThe Voice Of Our Fathers (An Exposition of the Canons of Dordrecht) has gone to press and should become available sometime in early fall. One more note—this one a note of warning. Many of our earlier publications, when they are reprinted, will go up in price. If you want to buy at lower prices, buy now. Write to: Reformed Free Publishing Association,...