Vol 56 Issue 13

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News From Our Churches

Hope Church in Walker, Michigan scheduled a special congregational meeting on Monday, March 10. The congregation voted to extend a call to one of its own members, Professor Herman Hanko. The trio also included Rev. G. Van Baren and Rev. B. Woudenberg. Our church in Redlands, California extended a call to Rev. Kenneth Koole of Randolph, Wisconsin.  Rev. Robert Harbach was scheduled to have eye surgery on Wednesday, March 5, in Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 

Book Reviews

SERMONS FROM JOB, John Calvin; Baker Book House, 1979; 300 pp., $4.95 (paper). (Reviewed by Prof. H. Hanko.) 

Exposition of Galatians


The Incarnation (conclusion)

There is also the danger of dividing the natures, so that in Jesus are two different individuals. This brings us to a consideration of the union of the natures in one Person. The Church faced the danger of dividing the natures of Christ so as to posit two different individuals in Jesus. She confronted this in the teaching of Nestorius.

Teaching Our Children the Fear of the Lord

We have seen from the beginning of our discussion of the theme of the fear of the Lord how very fundamental it is. The fear of the Lord is the very heart of true godliness and Christianity. The fear of the Lord must be the dominating and controlling motive of all our life as the people of God. We have emphasized also that the fear of the Lord must begin in our homes. We must establish our homes in the fear of the Lord and continue to live daily in that fear of the Lord.

The Last Time: How Are We Living?

The last time: how are we living? Are we living in these last times as humble children of God, who ascribe all the glory, might, and honor to God? Or are we living as proud boastful people, who ascribe all the glory, might, and honor to ourselves? If the former is true, then we are living in these last times as we should. But if the latter is true, then we had better give heed to the vivid warning of Scripture as that is found in Daniel chapter 4. 

A Pillar of Witness

An infuriated Laban pursued after Jacob when he learned that Jacob had fled with his wives, children, and cattle. Although when he caught up with Jacob he put on a front of loving his daughters and grandchildren so much that it pained him to have them leave without as much as saying good-by to him, the statement above is true. He was far more infuriated than hurt because of deep love. He was angry and not lonesome.

As to Changes in Student Aid

The recent report (Feb. 15 issue) of Classis East made mention of two overtures concerning seminary student aid which Classis had before it. The overtures themselves are not included in the report. However, the report does contain a summary of the overtures and of the action of Classis, as follows:

The Wonder of the Resurrection

Then went in also that other disciple, which came first to the sepulcher, and he saw, and believed.