Vol 56 Issue 12

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Chapter IV – Of Creation

As many readers will recall, chapter III of the Westminster Confession treats the subject of God’s eternal decrees. Whereas the Confession simply proceeds to a treatment of creation, the relationship between God’s decrees and creation is given in the Westminster catechisms. Question 14 of the Westminster Larger Catechism asks, “How doth God execute His decrees?” That question is answered briefly in the Shorter Catechism, “God executeth His decrees in the works of creation and providence. Rev.

News From Our Churches

Our church in Redlands, California has extended a call to Rev. Kenneth Koole of Randolph, Wisconsin. The Redlands trio also included Rev. Marvin Kamps and Rev. Richard Moore.  A review of calls declined recently is as follows: Rev. Kamps from Lynden to serve as home missionary; Professor H. C. Hoeksema from Hudsonville to serve as minister-on-loan to Christchurch, New Zealand; Professor H. Hanko from Redlands; and Rev. David Engelsma from Hope, Walker, Michigan. 

Book Reviews

STUDIES IN EXODUS, F.B. Meyer; Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, Mich.; 476 pages, $9.95 (cloth). (Reviewed by Prof. H.C. Hoeksema)  Since the author of this commentary is probably unknown to most of our readers, we will quote the following biographical note from the dust jacket: 

Exposition of Galatians

It ought not to be overlooked that the first ten verses of this sixth chapter of Galatians are a continuation of the admonitions contained in verses 25,26 of the former chapter. Paul applies to two particular matters the content of the truth that living by the Spirit calls for a consistent walk by the Spirit of Christ. For they who walk by the Spirit, being led by the Spirit, do not ever fulfill the lusts of the flesh. That is like a great beacon light shining upon the path of our earthly pilgrimage until the day of Christ.

The Incarnation *

The incarnation was the wonder of all the wonders of the wonder-working God. All of the other wonderful works of God, both before and after this miracle, are so many satellites about this great star, or, more accurately, so many rays of light emitted by this glorious sun. “Great is the mystery of godliness,” the Church confesses in I Timothy 3:16, “God was manifest in the flesh.” 

News From Lansing

I am thankful for this opportunity to report the progress of our Mission work in Lansing, for I believe that God is working here, through the ministry of His Word. No, it is not that we are experiencing a growth in numbers; it is not that new families from the community are joining us; and it is not that people are breaking down the doors of the church to hear the preaching of the gospel. Nevertheless, God is working here and through His Word is accomplishing His purpose.

The Last Time: How Are We Living?

The last time: how are we living? That we live in the last times means that we must live our lives in complete separation from the world. As we walk in the midst of this world we must be distinct. We must manifest in our lives that there is indeed something different about us; something so completely different that we have absolutely nothing in common with the world of sin and iniquity which surrounds us. 

Letter to Timothy

March 15,1980 Dear Timothy,  We began, in our last letter, a discussion of the conscience and what Scripture teaches concerning the conscience. I consider this a most important subject, and I hope that you will, if you have any questions, respond to what I have to say about this matter.