Vol 56 Issue 10

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All Around Us

Creation and Biology  It becomes increasingly true that the faithful child of God has no place in the world — and especially in the world of education. While government maintains a “neutrality,” it is a neutrality which allows only for secularism and atheism. An article in Liberty, a Seventh-day Adventist magazine, January 1980, makes this plain:

God’s Eternally Founded Word

This is the theme of Psalm 1191152 where we read,Concerning Thy testimonies, I have known of old that Thou hast founded them forever. Here we have, I. Principle Truth, II. Permanent Foundation, and III. Personal Experience. These words appear in the nineteenth of the twenty-two octrains of Psalm 119, that section in which each of its eight verses begins with the Hebrew letter qÅ쳌th.

That Troublesome and Sinful Triangle

Try to appreciate Jacob’s embarrassment and pathetic situation after Laban had mocked him by having a big feast for his wedding with Rachel only to find that he had taken Leah into his tent that night. Well could he feel that he was the laughingstock of the whole neighborhood. All knew that he loved Rachel and that he had worked seven years for her. The great love that he had for Rachel could not be hidden from anyone in Haran.

The Son of God Our Saviour

Ques. 29. Why is the Son of God called Jesus, that is Savior?  Ans. Because he saveth us, and delivereth us from our sins; and likewise, because we ought not to seek, neither can find salvation in any other.  Ques. 30. Do such then believe in Jesus the only Savior, who seek their salvation and welfare of saints, of themselves, or anywhere else?