Vol 55 Issue 07

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News From Our Churches

Our Southeast Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan has extended a call to Rev. Jason Kortering of Redlands, California, to serve as their pastor.  The Mission Committee of our churches has decided to begin preaching services in Charlotte, Michigan beginning January 7, 1979, at the request of four families there. 

Book Reviews

DAYLIGHT (Daily Readings with the Bible), by Andrew Kuyvenhoven; Paideia Press, 1977; 376 pp., $5.95 (paper), (Reviewed by Prof. H. Hanko) 

I Corinthians: God is Faithful

This letter of Paul is rich in pastoral concern. The church of Corinth had need of the sheperdizing presence of Christ. There were many sins in that church that cried to the God of righteousness. The faithful members must have been discouraged with their brethren. Paul himself must have sighed more than once when he learned of the sins committed by the membership. 

The Turning of the Screw

The cause for the Christian education of our children is under attack. At times the attack is more open than at others. Only recently the voters of Michigan turned down a certain “voucher plan” in which the state would give to each parent a “check” which could be “cashed” at whatever school such parent would have his child educated. This, of course, could be applied also to any Christian school for Christian education. Though the Christian schools of this area generally supported the plan, we did oppose it.

Our Expectation in the New Year

This time of year is a time of reflection and anticipation. We reflect upon the accomplishments and setbacks of the year that is past. Nineteen hundred and Seventy-eight is past, never to return again. For this is the inescapable character of time which keeps all of us in its grasp as long as we live. The Psalmist calls time an “ever rolling stream.” The events and happenings of the past are securely locked in the book of God to be revealed only at the last day. We cannot change the past, but only reflect upon our accomplishments and failures. 

A Letter of Thanks

The following is a letter of sincere thanks from the Board of the Reformed Free Publishing Association to Mr. Gerrit Pipe for his many, many years of faithful service, in which he was active as Treasurer and Business Manager, and during the past ten years as Mailing Agent in the distribution of ourStandard Bearer. Dear Gerrit:

The Reformed Doctrine of Reprobation

The relationship between reprobation and election is this: they are one, inseparable decree, not two, separable decrees. This is the clear teaching of the Canons of Dordt, although this is sometimes overlooked. In I, 6, the Canons state that the receiving and not receiving of faith proceeds from God’s eternal decree (not “decrees,” in the plural); according to this decree(not “these decrees”), He softens the hearts of the elect and leaves the non-elect to their own wickedness.

John Calvin and Erroll Hulse

In his recent articles in Reformation Today (Sept.-Oct., 1978) Pastor Errol1 Hulse attempts to leave the impression that his double-track theology is supported by John Calvin. More than once in the course of his writings Mr. Hulse appeals to passages from Calvin’s Commentaries.  With respect to this matter of quotations from John Calvin, I wish to make a few introductory remarks, first of all.