Vol 55 Issue 05

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News From Our Churches

No reports have been received as yet on the proceedings of the meetings of Classis East and Classis West held last October. Perhaps they will arrive in time to present in the Christmas issue of the magazine. 

God’s Providence in 1953 (And Our Calling To Instruct Our Children*)

Our subject for this evening, I want you to know, creates in me a mixed feeling. 


Rev. Gise Van Baren Standard Bearer Editorial Office 4975 Ivanrest SW Grandville, MI 49418 Dear Rev. Van Baren: I was hurt and grieved by your allegations in the October 15 issue of the Standard Bearer in which you say (without documentation) that the church which nurtured me and which I love “already holds many positions contrary to Scripture and the creeds” (p. 41). I presume you have in mind common grace, women deacons, and the like. You give the unmistakable impression that when we are faced by these issues we ignore the Bible and our doctrinal standards and take positions either arbitrarily or...

All Around Us

What about Christmas?  About a year ago there appeared in this rubric a quotation from Christianity Today concerning the evils in the celebration of halloween. Trouble was, the quotation appeared more than a month after the celebration of that notorious day. In response to the article, two letters were received which sought to apply some of the same objections to the celebration of our Christmas—but the letters were received after Christmas. Rather than presenting them in this column several months after Christmas, I have held on to them til this season.

Jude – Contend Earnestly For the Faith

One thing we are most concerned about when considering the welfare of the church today is how to deal with apostasy. True, we are concerned about the general decay in society, the lawlessness of our age, and the utter contempt for that which is good. When this spirit is expressed in the church by disregard for the Scripture, by demanding the right to violate God’s law and go unpunished, and by scoffing at the faithful who follow God’s ways, we become very much concerned. This is apostasy in the church. The book of Jude deals with this important subject. 

Signs in Society (2) Racism

In the light of the teaching of the Scriptures, particularly the visions of Revelation 13, we have been examining various aspects of signs of the times as they become manifest in society. We have stressed the idea that in order for the antichristian kingdom to become a reality, there must be, as much as possible, uniformity in society, and a general equality among mankind.

The Doctrinal Issues of 1953 (2)

4. What was the substance of the minority report which was adopted by Classis East in May of 1953 with respect to the two statements of the Rev. H. De Wolf?  The main thrust of their report, as adopted by Classis East, is contained in the following paragraphs: 

Don’t Destroy the TULIP!

This is what Erroll Hulse does.  You understand, I am now referring to TULIP in its proper sense, as a mnemonic reminding us of the so-called Five Points of Calvinism as maintained and expounded in the Canons of Dordrecht, those “fine Scriptural statements.”  In fact, in one way or another Pastor Hulse pulls all the petals from this flower; and he literally proposes the substitution of a new flower, TCUIPP, facetiously suggesting that “In another language a word might be made of it.” 

Dordt Did Not Cultivate a TULIP

Reformation Today is a magazine published by Cuckfield Baptist Church, Sussex, England. Its editor is Errol1 Hulse, with whose writings I first became acquainted through his little booklet, Billy Graham, The Pastor’s Dilemma. The magazine mentioned above is the voice of a whole group of so-called Reformed Baptists.

The Only Possible Mediator

       “Why must he be very man, and also perfectly righteous?  “Because the justice of God requires that the same human nature which hath sinned, should likewise make satisfaction for sin; and one, who is himself a sinner, cannot satisfy for others.”  “Why must he in one person be also very God?