Vol 55 Issue 12

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News From Our Churches

Another postcard with a rather spectacular view (this one of Mt. Cook) has arrived from New Zeeland. The sender, of course, is Rev. John Heys. The postcard was not sent just to share a view of the New Zealand mountains, of course, but to inform Standard Bearer readers of his new address. The new address is: Rev. & Mrs. John A. Heys, 515 Barrington, Christchurch 2, New Zealand. It seems that the owner of the “flat” in which the Rev. and Mrs. Heys were living returned from his trip around the world and wanted his home back. Hence the need for new...

The Comfort of the Last Judgment

“Finally we believe, according to the Word of God, when the time appointed by the Lord (which is unknown to all creatures) is come, and the number of the elect complete, that our Lord Jesus Christ will come from heaven, corporally and visibly, as he ascended, with great glory and majesty to declare himself judge of the quick and the dead; burning this old world with fire and flame, to cleanse it.

The Reformed Doctrine of Reprobation

“THE WELL-MEANT OFFER OF THE GOSPEL” The development of doctrine in the Christian Reformed Church over the past fifty years affords a text-book illustration of the certain overthrow of the Reformed doctrine of double predestination by the teaching of a “well-meant offer of the gospel.” In 1924, the CRC adopted the doctrine of a well-meant offer of grace in the preaching of the gospel.

True Godly Fear

We have seen that God is a God to be feared because of who and what He is. He is the absolutely Sovereign, Almighty God, infinite in greatness and majesty, and perfect in holiness. Men have done much in their vain imagination to change the glory of God into a lie. With their idolatrous concepts of God they have made a god who need not be feared. If we truly know who and what God is as He has revealed Himself in the scriptures, if we know Him in a true, living and spiritual way we will surely tremble and...

Exposition of Galatians



There runs to and fro across the earth a black horse. Upon this horse there sits a rider holding in his hand a pair of balances. And as this mighty steed and rider make their drive through the earth there booms a voice, “A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the wine and the oil.” 

Ye Are My Witnesses

Do you witness? Are you a witness? These are questions that are often asked in many churches in our day. Oftentimes these questions are asked from a wrong point of view. They are asked from the point of view that the decision to witness or not to witness depends on man. Whether or not a man witnesses is not the question. All men witness of the life that is in them. They are either witnesses of God or of the devil. All men have not the ability to witness of God because all have not the works of God’s grace...

Letter to Timothy

Dear Timothy,  We will, with this letter, begin correspondence on another subject, the subject of what is sometimes called “Christian Counseling” but what is perhaps better called simply “Pastoral Labor.”  I have wanted to write to you for some time about this subject, but have been somewhat hesitant to enter an area which is so difficult and filled with so many problems. Nevertheless, you have repeatedly urged me to write to you about this, and so, with a great deal of hesitation, I shall attempt to do it. 

A Church in Crisis

By the term “crisis” in this connection, I mean not merely a crucial point, a turning point, in general. But I am using the term in the sense of one of its root meanings according to its Greek derivation, that of “judgment.” When I speak, therefore, of “a church in crisis,” I refer to a church standing in judgment, before the bar of justice, on trial. 

A Warning From History

“Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come.  Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall. “  I Corinthians 10:11, 12