Vol 55 Issue 02

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News From Our Churches

Classis East of our churches has scheduled a special session on October 25 in order to examine Candidate Wilbur Bruinsma who has accepted a call to our Faith Church in Jenison, Michigan. Candidate Richard Flikkema has accepted his call to our church in Isabel, South Dakota. Classis West has postponed its fall meeting to October 18 in Doon, Iowa. Candidate Flikkema will receive his Classical exam during this meeting. Our Southwest Church in Grand Rapids has called Candidate Michael DeVries. Should Candidate DeVries accept this call, he too will be examined by Classis East on October 25.

Report of Classis East

 Classis East met in regular session on September 13, 1978 at Hope Church. Rev. J. Heys led in opening devotions; Rev. M. Joostens chaired this session. Each church was represented by two delegates. 

Annual Report

Dear Members and Friends of the RFPA,  We give thanks unto our Faithful Covenant God in this the 54th year of publishing the Standard Bearer, for He has provided us the strength and an open door to publish our magazine. The following information is witness of His many blessings to us. 

Signs in Society (3) Homosexuality

Last time we began to examine some of the factors which are helping to produce social unity, and pointed out that the women’s liberation movement is one social factor that has done much to strengthen the trend toward this unity. We concluded that this movement is one of the signs of the times in the area of society, and that the result of this phenomenon (and others) will be the antichristian kingdom. 

Family Worship—A Reformed Heritage

A few weeks ago, I walked into a Christian bookstore and informed the clerk that I was interested in buying a King James Bible for table use. There came the most puzzled look over his face. It still makes me smile to recall it. Politely, he replied that he did not understand. I suppose the poor chap envisioned before his mind our family discreetly eating the venerable pages of King James. I quickly put his mind at ease and rephrased the request, a King James Bible for family devotions: good size print, hard cover, a few study helps, and such...

Women as Deacons in the CRC

Those who have kept up with the decisions of Reformed church bodies, must be aware that now the Christian Reformed Church can have women ordained as deacons provided “their work is distinguished from that of elders.” That last clause is, perhaps deliberately, ambiguous. The work of deacons has ever been distinguished from that of elders—why make that specification in connection with women deacons? 

Letter to Timothy

Dear Timothy,  In our last letter we discussed the election of elders to their office and the importance of spiritually qualified elders for the Church of Jesus Christ. In this letter we will discuss the particular work of the elders in the Church.  Before we discuss this matter as such, it might be well to quote here the pertinent article in the Church Order and the pertinent passage in the Form for Ordination so that we have clearly before our minds what our “minor confessions” have to say about this. Article 23 of the Church Order reads:

The Reformed Doctrine of Reprobation

In the eyes of Reformed Christians, the doctrine of double predestination, election and reprobation, has always been the heart of the Reformed faith and, therefore, they have boldly confessed and stoutly defended it as a most precious truth. In the eyes of the enemies of the Reformed faith, this doctrine has ever been odious—a stone of stumbling and a rock of offence, with the result that they have made it the object of fiercest attack.

God’s People Encouraged in Flooding Judgments

The previous article dealt with “The Sign of Isaiah’s Son” (Isaiah 8:1-6), under the headings:  A. Foretelling Destruction of Confederated Syria and Israel by Assyria (1-4).  B. Revealing Desolations Made by Assyria in Israel and Judah (5-8).  1. The sin of distrust and misplaced trust on the part of Judah (5-6), and now, 


Prof. H.C. Hoeksema 4975 Ivanrest Ave. S.W. Grandville, Mich. 49418 Dear Prof. Hoeksema: In my recent article concerning the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America, I made certain critical remarks about the moderator of the Assembly, Dr. G. Aiken Taylor, which remarks I feel were out of place. I am speaking specifically of my comments on the way in which Dr. Taylor conducted himself as moderator. I should point out that what I wrote was based on personal feeling. It should be obvious that there is some problem in establishing an objective basis on which to judge arrogance....