Vol 54 Issue 20

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News From Our Churches

Our three Seminary professors, the three June graduates of our seminary who are now candidates for the ministry, and the seminarians have had many preaching assignments this summer. These men have filled in for vacationing ministers and have filled the pulpits of those of our churches which are vacant at this time. In the Grand Rapids area, Faith, Southeast, and Southwest Churches are without a pastor, while the congregation of Hope Church looks forward with no little anticipation to the return of their pastor, Rev. VanOverloop, on August 27. Rev.

Book Reviews

Commentary on Romans, Frederic Louis Godet; Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, Mich.; 531 pp., $12.95 (hard cover). (Reviewed by Prof. H. C. Hoeksema)  This is another worthwhile volume in the Kregel Reprint Library. This volume is very attractively and neatly published, and, taking into consideration today’s inflation, the, price is not exorbitant for a book of this size. 


There is something mystifying about the men in white.  Step into their office, and the smell makes you “heady” before you ever reach the inner sanctum.  The paraphernalia for examination gives you goose bumps just to look at, to say nothing of having them attached or inserted. Before long the light waves flow, the magical pen scratches strange lines, a soft hum may be heard, a bell rings. 

The Pilgrim and Politics

The proper attitude toward politics has always been a concern for God’s people in the midst of the world, but more so as we see the day approaching. The “day,” of course, refers to the coming again of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. We must not overlook the fact that connected with that day is politics. 

The Sign of Isaiah’s Son

Isaiah 8:1-6  In this section of Isaiah’s prophecy extending down to chapter twelve, we have discourse concerning the Messiah: 

The Computer Society

Revelation 13 speaks of two beasts: one out of the sea and another out of the earth. The first beast out of the sea represents the Antichrist from the point of view of his political power. In the last days the Antichrist will establish a world-wide kingdom embracing all the nations and peoples of the earth. The second beast out of the earth also represents the Antichrist but from a little different point of view.

Soli Deo Gloria

Yes! To God Alone The Glory! That is our response as we review the ministries of our recently retired ministers: the Revs. Cornelius Hanko, George C. Lubbers, Marinus Schipper, and Herman Veldman. That these men: have become emeritus evokes a feeling of sadness among us of the Protestant Reformed Churches. The lives of almost every one of our members have been touched either directly or indirectly by these men through their preaching, teaching, and writing. Now they are retiring from the active ministry of the Gospel.

Report of the Sixth General Assembly: Presbyterian Church In America

By the time this report is printed in the pages of the STANDARD BEARER many of the readers will have no doubt heard something of the grand and gala assembly of the NAPaRC (North American Presbyteri an and Reformed Council) denominations which took place on the campus of Calvin College during the third week of June.

About Covenant Breakers in the New Dispensation

From the same West Coast reader who has asked questions about the subject of covenant breakers a couple of times before, I received some further questions. He writes: “In Old Testament times the Word of God speaks about covenant breakers. Can we also speak in the new dispensation about covenant breakers in the same sense of the word, with respect to those born of believing parents but who have turned their back on the church or who live an unruly and irregular church life? My question is not about the term itself, but rather about the idea of this expression.