Vol 53 Issue 14

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All Around Us

BIBLICAL ZOOLOGY  In the Banner of Jan. 16, 1976, appeared an article by J. D. Eppinga on BIBLICAL ZOOLOGY. This article appears on page 9 of this issue. Writing on the fact that so many animals are mentioned in the Word of God, he writes the following: Coming home, I reflected on his answer and en- lamed a train of thought. What a lot of animals there are: in the Bible! They are mentioned in its fast chapter. In the second chapter, they are brought to Adam for naming. In

News From Our Churches

Our newly organized congregation in Houston, Texas has published the following trio: Rev. George Lubbers, Rev. Ronald VanOverloop, and Rev. David Engelsma. 

Book Reviews

GOSPEL CHARACTERS, The Personalities Around Jesus; by Leonard Griffith; Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1976; 192 pp., $3.95 (paper). 


I’ve got to run now; I’ll close and you can finish without me.” This is an altogether too common a statement in the day and age in which we live. It is a statement indicative of the manner of our life. Families are increasingly becoming aware of the fact that they are enveloped in the race against the clock. And I know that many parents have become alarmed with this situation. There are serious attempts to rectify this common problem. Yet it seems that the more we battle against it, the more our schedule becomes compounded.

Form Without Power

The words of this title are taken from II Timothy 3:5, where the apostle Paul speaks of men who shall manifest themselves in the last times. In the first verse of the chapter he warns the church that “in the last days perilous times shall come.” He goes on to describe various characteristics of the world in those last times, saying in verse 5 that the wicked will have a form of godliness but will deny the power thereof.

Canons of Dordrecht: An Historical Perspective

Politically, a measure of peace and stability had come to the Netherlands in 158 1 and it grew until the end of the Eighty Years War in 1648. The seven northern provinces had declared independence from Spain by the Act of Abjuration in 1581 and were united to defend themselves as an independent republic. Religiously, the Reformed Church became the official state religion in the Netherlands. However, not even in the seven provinces, to which Reformed believers from the southern provinces had fled, was the majority of the populace Reformed.

Human Defection and Divine Protection

In the Form for the Confirmation of Marriage used in our churches there is a clause that states that our Lord Jesus Christ “will aid and protect married persons even when they are least deserving of it.” And this truth comes to mind when one reads the twentieth chapter of the book of Genesis where we have the account of Abraham and Sarah in the land of Gerar. 

Acts of the Synod of Dordrecht (8)

(Connection: In the previous installment we learned: 1) That the Remonstrants were pushing for the appointment of Vorstius as the replacement for Arminius at Leiden. 2) That the Remonstrants gained a certain legal standing for their Five Points, so that candidates for the ministry could not be questioned about these. 3) That in this process the document called the Remonstrance finally came into the possession of the Reformed party. 4) That all of this led to the Conference at the Hague in 1611.

Friend or Foe?

If a man stabbed your beloved bride in the heart, what would your reaction be? What would your evaluation of that man be?  Would you classify him as a friend? Or as a foe?  Or would you classify him as partly friend and partly foe?