Vol 53 Issue 11

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News From Our Churches

Rev. Arie den Hartog of our Covenant Protestant Reformed Church in Prospect Park, New Jersey has received a call from the Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Christchurch, New Zealand to come over and help them. Should Rev. den Hartog accept this call, he would remain a minister in the Protestant Reformed Churches, but be ‘on loan’ to the church in New Zealand. Decisions on these matters were made by the Synod of our churches in 1976. 

Book Reviews

WALKER’S COMPREHENSIVE BIBLE CONCORDANCE BOOK REVIEW J.B.R. Walker; Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, Michigan 968 pp., $12.95 (Reviewed by Prof. H.C. Hoeksema)  One of the tools which every Bible student needs is a good concordance. This is even more necessary than a commentary: for it is a tool necessary for independent study of Scripture, in which the comparing of Scripture with Scripture is a fundamental principle. Moreover, for most of our readers, I take it, a concordance which follows the King James Version is a necessity. 

All Around Us

“They’d Rather Fight Than Pay”  A striking article with this catchy title appeared inLiberty, a magazine of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. The article gives an account of two members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church who are fighting in court the requirement that they join the union or lose their jobs. The union was willing to “compromise” to the extent of demanding of them union dues without their becoming union members. The two individuals rightly refused to do this, for they reasoned that they were also then supporting the union.

Pure Religion (2)

In the first installment of this two part series on the topic of “Pure Religion” we came to grips with the negative admonition of James. Pure religion before the face of God, James told us, consists of keeping ourselves unspotted from the world. We are called to be in the world, but never may we be one in principle and practice with the world. It is our calling not to become defiled with the filth and corruption that belongs to the world because they lie under the power of darkness.

Envy Not the World (2)

We have seen in our previous article that the world is not enviable to us because of the corruption that is manifest in their life. In the words of Isaiah the prophet, “The wicked are like the troubled sea, casting up mire and dirt.”  We have to add to this the fact that this horrible filth makes the wicked worthy of God’s terrible judgments. Sin is a transgression of the law of God and makes one guilty before God. The thought of God’s punishing sin fills one with terror. It should drive us all the more to the cross of...

The Shadow of Things to Come

At the moment, we are on the island of Jamaica, and a few lines are due for our department, The Day of Shadows. But we have returned to such a different Jamaica that we feel constrained to write about it, believing that our people will want to know the situation as it affects the brethren and sisters on the island.

Woes Denounced Against Deliberately Self-Destructive Ways

1.Deliberate defiance of God’s judgments. Woe! “to the ones saying, Let Him hurry His work in order that we may see (it), and let the counsel of the Holy One of Israel approach and come (to pass), so we may know (what it is He threatens to do.)” He whom the world calls a free-thinker the Scripture calls a fool (nabal) and a scorner (letz). They flout the judgments of God; since they doubt whether they, as prophesied, shall ever occur. They say, If they are coming, we ought to be able to see and hear their approach!

Reformed Thought on Baptism (2)

The following quotations are taken from Robert L. Dabney, Lectures In Systematic Theology. 

Baptism on the Mission Field (6)

In this section of our discussion we will try to cover that part of the Study Report which deals with what the Church Order has to say about baptism. The material of the Study Report appears on page 107 of the 1976 Acts of Synod, and it reads as follows: