Vol 52 Issue 18

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News From Our Churches

As the copy for this column is being assembled, the 1976 Synod of our churches has completed its work in South Holland, Illinois, our schools have conducted their annual graduation exercises, and most of the seasonal meetings in the churches have recessed for the summer. Some of our churches have already had their church picnics. Many of our western churches schedule their church picnics on the 4th of July. At least this is true in Hull and Doon, Iowa, and Randolph, Wisconsin.

How Do We See Ourselves in the Light of the Beatitudes

(Note: The following is the substance of a speech Rev. Joostens delivered at the Men’s League Meeting held in Southeast Church on April 5 of this year. We think that it is worthy of publication under the above rubric.) 

On Vacations

Once again it is the time when most people are thinking about the family vacation. With the temperature rising and the children home from school, the summer months will find many families going on vacation. 

Are You Sure Of Your Salvation (2)

In the previous article, we discussed this question from the point of view of its meaning. Negatively, the question is not: have you done enough to make sure that you are saved? Have you done enough to assure yourself a place in heaven? Rather is the question to be understood: are you sure that God has saved you? This we discussed from the point of view of II Peter 1:10. This question has to do, therefore, with the personal assurance of our calling and election. 

The Key Of Knowledge

INTRODUCTION While dining in a certain Pharisee’s house, Jesus was the object of the scorn of His host because he was eating without first washing. This became the occasion for a series of woes which Jesus pronounced upon the hypocritical Pharisees who make clean the outside of dishes, but who are inwardly full of wickedness.

Synod 1976

After a week of very busy meetings, Synod of 1976 has become history. As is our custom, we present a brief review of some of Synod’s activities and decisions. This report is not official, and it is not exhaustive. Hopefully, the Acts of the Synod of 1976 will be published promptly this year; and the complete account of Synod’s decisions may be found there. 

Report From “Down Under”

From a correspondent in Australia we received some preliminary information concerning actions of the Synod of the Reformed Church of Australia and concerning developments in connection with the socalled Woudstra case. We hope to receive more detailed information later. But for the time being we pass on to the readers the following items: 

Pre-Seminary Graduation

Friday, May 28, was a red-letter day for our Theological School, and especially for the five young men who graduated from our pre-seminary department.