Vol 52 Issue 17

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Christ: True and Eternal God

“We believe that Jesus Christ, according to his divine nature, is the only begotten Son of God, begotten from eternity, not made nor created (for then he should be a creature), but co-essential and co-eternal with the Father, the express image of his person, and the brightness of his glory, equal unto him in all things. He is the Son of God, not only from the time that he assumed our nature, but from all eternity, as these testimonies, when compared together, teach us.

News From Our Churches

A special event occurred recently—a piece of news was received from our church in Prospect Park, New Jersey. A special event took place there recently. Rev. den Hartog’s family increased in size by one, Jonathan Craig, on April 18. In all fairness to Classis West we should also note that family expansions took place this spring in the parsonages in South Holland, Illinois, and Randolph, Wisconsin. 

All Around Us


Exposition of Hebrews 13:20, 21 (Continued)

The writer to the Hebrews now breaks forth into a very meaningful and exalted prayer for the Hebrew saints. He directs this prayer in the form of a very fervent hope and wish to the God of peace, He really confesses that it is all outside of his power to bring about the perfection of the Hebrews, and to impel them to any good work. Here all moral persuasion falls flat and proves to be a lie. Nothing short of a new creation itself will do.

“Hyper-Calvinism” and the Call of the Gospel (18)

It is widely assumed that the well-meant gospel-offer, or free offer, has strong backing in the Dutch Reformed theologian, Abraham Kuyper. Is not the crucial question in the controversy over the offer, whether grace is common or particular? And did not Kuyper write a massive, three-volume work, De Gemeene Gratie (Common Grace), in which he propounded the view that God has a favorable attitude towards all men and that a power of God works in all men, restraining sin in the unbelieving world and enabling them to do much that is good and beautiful?

The Works of the Covenant

Although the term “Covenant of Works” appears nowhere in Scripture, it is universally held that Adam was created in such a relationship to God. And by that terminology men mean that God so created man that he could by works of obedience attain to everlasting life. In that covenant of works, it is claimed, there are three elements, namely, a promise of everlasting life, a condition of perfect obedience, and a penalty of punishment with death.


You have heard of the patience of Job. 

Are You Sure of Your Salvation?

Let us understand the question correctly from the start.  The question is not this: have you done enough to make sure that you are saved? Have you done enough to assure yourself a place in heaven? 

Parental Schools—How Long Yet?

We have enjoyed our parental schools for the instruction of covenant seed for many years now. We tend to take the opportunity and privilege for granted. We are inclined to tell ourselves that in this “free” land, we need not be concerned about any danger of losing these schools. But are we being too complacent? Ought we not to see the “handwriting on the wall”? One of the signs of the times is that there will be a suppression of that which is spiritual. That suppression can quickly come in our land under the guise of maintaining the “rights” of...

“An American Translation”

A few months ago I received from Editor Herman Otten, of the conservative Missouri Lutheran paperChristian News, a copy of The Holy Bible, An American Translation, along with a request for comment. Accompanying this review copy was a special edition of Pastor Otten’s paper, Christian News, which was entirely devoted to the story of this new translation of Scripture and the story of its translator, the late Dr. William Beck.