Vol 52 Issue 10

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Exposition of Hebrews 13:11-14 continued


News From Our Churches

The retired clerk of Southwest Church asked that mention be made of the new consistorial clerk andbulletin clerk of Southwest Church. The new clerk is Mr. Gerald Feenstra, 7643 Cardinal Dr., Jenison, Michigan 49428. Phone—616-669-1484. Office Bearers Conferences are not held exclusively in the Michigan area. Rev. R. Moore was to speak on the subject, “Christian Giving and the Budget” during an Office Bearers Conference on January 27 in the Doon, Iowa, Church. 

Report of Classis East

Rev. H. Veldman led the classis in opening devotions and after reading the credentials declared classis to be properly constituted. Rev. C. Hanko, by order of rotation, presided over this classis. 

Man’s Creation and Fall (3)

“We believe that God created man out of the dust of the earth, and made and formed him after his own image and likeness, good, righteous, and holy, capable in all things to will, agreeably to the will of God. But being in honor, he understood it not, neither knew his excellency, but willfully subjected himself to sin, and consequently to death, and the curse, giving ear to the words of the devil.

All Around Us

The Vidalia Resolution  In the Banner Herald, a monthly publication of the Primitive Baptists, published at Jessup, Georgia, in the November, 1975 issue, appeared an article with the above heading. We believe this article to be of interest to our readers. We now quote:



Seen of the Living God

To know, apart from the grace of God, that the living God sees us is an awesome, yea a terrifying experience.  That knowledge drove Adam and Eve into the thickest part of the trees in the garden of Eden. And it will cause the ungodly in the day when Christ returns to call for the hills and the mountains to cover them and hide them from His all-searching and holy eye. 

Does God Send Sickness?

A number of weeks ago I had an opportunity to address several Reformed Doctrine classes in a Christian High School on the subject of “Common Grace.” The differences between the Christian Reformed stand and our own were obvious. The usual objections were raised. Probably none of the students were convinced of the error of common grace. The visit did, however, serve to point out clearly the differences between our two denominations on this subject. 

The Communion of the Saints (2)

The truth of the communion of the saints is far more than merely an abstract doctrine that we only confess with our mouth. It is a blessed, practical, spiritual reality for the saints of God that is begun here on earth and shall be perfected in glory. This article of our faith involves many important implications for the calling of the individual saints of God. How often do we think of ourselves as members of the communion of the saints? We are not merely so many individual members of the church of Jesus Christ.

As Others See Us

Our readers have for some time now been receiving an account and evaluation of our Australian tour written from the viewpoint of one who made the tour. It was interesting to me, and I think it will be interesting to our readers to see an evaluation of a portion of our tour from the viewpoint of those who received us. And such an account—with respect to our Tasmanian tour—I found in the most recent issue of the quarterly magazine of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia, The Evangelical Presbyterian. I wish to pass it on to our readers.