Vol 51 Issue 06

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News From Our Churches

From a trio consisting of Revs. Miersma, Veldman, and Woudenberg, Kalamazoo elected to extend a call to Rev. Woudenberg.

Doon Church Building Progress

During the summer of 1973, our congregation decided to buy four choice lots in Doon on which to build a new church. This decision was made because our present building is in need of extensive repair and because we have grown in numbers to such an extent that an addition to the old building was needed. Rather than put new wine in an old bottle or a new patch on an old piece of cloth we decided to buy this property and to look into the possibility of building a new edifice.

The Church’s Corrupt Rules

How she is, the faithful city become a harlot! She (was) full of judgment, righteousness was lodging in her; but now murderers! Thy silver is become dross, thy wine cut with water. Thy princes, rebels and companions of thieves, all loving a bribe, and pursue rewards. They judge not the orphan, and the cause of the widow comes not unto them. Isaiah 1:21-23

God, The Overflowing Fountain Of All Good

“We all believe with the heart, and confess with the mouth, that there is one only simple and spiritual Being, which we call God; and that he is eternal, incomprehensible, invisible, immutable, infinite, almighty, perfectly wise, just, good, and the overflowing fountain of all good. ” Article I, Belgic Confession


Tolerance has become a fashionable word in ecclesiastical circles these days. It is hailed as being one of the essential Christian virtues without which a Christian’s claim to Christianity becomes a hollow mockery. Intolerance and Christianity are mutually exclusive—so it is said.

The Birth of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (2)

Now during this time the members of this group—they had no conception of the doctrine of the church, but realized that this work of an interdenominational nature had no future—some of them decided to commence fellowships, little groups of people in certain areas. And I ministered to them. Others went into the Baptist denomination. There was a general concern among the so-called evangelicals in that denomination about modernism and about the fact that it made inroads into the pulpits.

The EPC and Common Grace

In our last issue I promised to carry on our discussion with the brethren of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church concerning the doctrine of common grace. The brethren of that denomination have expressed themselves as being willing to have such discussion and as being open for instruction in this matter. We greatly appreciate both this willingness and this openness. We want to make it plain, however, that our approach to the brethren of the EPC of Australia is not that of haughty superiority, but of humility.

Editor’s Notes

Note of Thanks. I take this means of saying “thanks to all who remembered me in various Ways in connection with my recent ear surgery. It was good to experience concretely the communion of saints in this way. I may report that the surgery was apparently successful, that I am well on the way to recovery, and that I am getting back in the “harness”—at least partly.

The Rejected Christ Child

“Because there was no room for them in the inn.” Luke 2:7